What's the latest in Conan Exiles?


We hope you’ve been enjoying our latest content update!

Together with the update, we announced some changes to Conan Exiles about the cadence of new content. If you aren’t caught up – you can read more here.

After reading your feedback on the topic, we decided to pass along an update on some common questions and concerns.

You can watch the video here.

We will continue to keep you in the loop - please keep sharing your feedback on socials and forums!

-Conan Exiles Team


Thanks for the update, much appreciated.

Please, can we get an update on what plans the company has to deal with the 3rd party injection programs in use by cheaters on PC?

This is affecting Official and private PVP and PVE-C. It has made, especially, Official PVP unplayable.


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Aqui está a dublagem em português BR e minha opinião sobre o clipe de atualização :face_with_monocle:

It is nice to see some communication. The fact that old BattlePass items will become available to people who missed them previously in some fashion, yet to be determined, is nice to know and is exactly the sort of thing that people WANT to hear about. But there are also other things that people WANT to hear about as well, such as what @Kikigirl just asked a few post up.

Communication of any kind at all will go a massive way on this subject @AndyB and @Pliskin. So please understand that I am glad that there has been some communication, even the announcement that we should be getting new info on the next age next month, is great and I encourage you to continue! There are important issues that cannot simply be swept under the run and ignored either.


Communication appreciated.
That it happened in the middle of the Fellesferie is unexpected. Gratitude.

For those who don’t have time or inclination, the only entirely new info is that there will be discussion about the next Age in August.
So in a month or so.


Huh. So 1st off, thanks for the info drop @AndyB . It’s actually appreciated.

However it still feels…weird and maybe this can be identified with this little question… where’s Den? A change like this dropped largely without notice…a promise of communication and further details from community and only the community leadership is present on the vid…yet no dev presence that was the mainstay of FC for years when dropping direction news. This leads me to the hypothesis that there was a sudden and drastic change in the dev team that led to 1) completely redirect current plans 2) dev rep. not being present to discuss these current plans.


Thankyou so much for the communication @Pliskin and of course @AndyB for the video. I cannot tell you how much the playerbase appreciates being kept informed. I see other members have already passed on their gratitude and asked some important follow up questions in this thread. But no one has asked the most important question yet.

Q: will there be more Crom items coming to Conan Exiles in future updates?

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:


thanks for the video, a short one indeed.

still very concerned of the old bugs, do hope they know there are old pending stuff that needs fixing, that was not covered.

neither was the pricing with the bazaar. but at least is something.


Thanks for the update. Its a bit short, but better than nothing. Still many unanswered questions about the future of Conan Exiles.


Thanks for the information @Pliskin looking forward to checking out changes Friday night.


Hey everyone, glad it was appreciated. We tried to target the points we saw most frequently.
We will keep it up - format and frequency is not decided.

Since someone asked about Den… We actually recorded this in a Q&A format with Den (Dennis Douthett, Associate Game Director for Exiles, you may have seen him in socials, forums or one of our dev streams), Rod (Rod Harper, Project Director for Exiles, you might remember him from our annual producer letters) and one of our producers (Since he hasn’t been publicly introduced, I’ll wait for that moment :D)
After the initial recording, we wanted to expand on the answers but things are quite busy with the new age coming in and we also wanted to get this out without too much delay, so @AndyB went ahead and did this recording.

That is to say - Dennis is definitely around (and very busy working on the new Age!) and we have other people from the team we want to introduce as part of improving our communications.

Please feel free to comment on the format as well as the content and anything you want to see us do - it’s all appreciated!

I realize this isn’t an answer to any follow-up questions here but I’ll be looking into them and try to get some answers your way, already poked around for a couple of things. Feel free to drop more :slight_smile:


Please try to.focus on fixing old Bugs

Such as people falling they building pieces. It’s been what 6 months ?

Fix the tables for the insane amor rating on cimmerians

And for god sake. Fix the black Corsair tables that males 1/3 or 1/4 of the entre population in siptah imposible to KO . And thralls ( inmune to concussión damage)

The last couple issues takes minutes to Fix. And one has been Bad for months and the other since thr mis season patch came .

Please revisit your strategy with the store too. Táctics ans prices …

You guys Will be amazed how much support you can get from.fans if funcom comes to us with honesty and consideration.

Show US good signs and i am one who Will Open My wallet again to support funcom


While this isn’t a direct reply to mine or @Oduda’s inquiry, this is the first time I’ve seen some acknowledgement and I am grateful. Kudos, cheers and hope!

For other matters, while it has been acknowledged recently, the falling through buildings/mesh thing is still very heavy on many minds and has had extreme impacts. The more this is seen as acknowledged the better the community will feel - with a sooner rather than later resolution.

Is the dev team focused on the server crashing from purges?

Additionally, there has been great dissatisfaction with the recent changes to inventories and the dye system. There have been some improvements but not enough for adaptation. The bugs are still challenging and frustrating. For dyeing, it feels clunky. Will there be a consideration to revert? Or, are these changes for future features?

Not to add insult to injury, the team is probably already aware, but meshing has come back with a vengeance; one of the easiest ways to do it is back. This means PVP on all platforms is heavily affected by this exploit and won’t be as easy to combat/locate. I hope there is going to be a decently swift plan of action for that.

One more thought: will there be better Q/A to prevent DLC/BLB/Twitch only items from having perceived “pay2win” and/or exploitable attributes? Many of the new building sets, weapons and certain items have had issues with unfair advantages.


No not really , fix year old issues not some meh things as

  1. fix pricing of regions…
  2. officials now have better issue that you can pass another player base and reset them bases back to 240, or if they decays then random floating building pieces leaves behind.
  3. again full chest of items gone because of stability loss in oficials…
  4. Cant even join anymore my official servers anymore because one shows invalid half time and other one is 999 ping
  5. Cant join to pinged one as it was possible before BY IP

and probably many more, but updates still contain more about early access testing of game and abnormal big prices for 4 visual items…

Edited to be more readeable as i aint native and found even on myself some gramar issues after finding what is broken again and that my clan loost fokin 3 chests full of mats… thanks to updates that ‘‘everyone enjoying’’

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Mesmo assim ainda espero que inclua uma forma de usar o escudo pequeno junto com a espada, lança e hasta ao cavalo :star_struck:

This is very encouraging. And @Kikigirl has brought up a good list of things that really aught to be addressed.

  • 3rd party programs being used to cheat (it has become so rampant that it is beyond the ‘norm’ at this point).
  • points in time where entire servers fall though the floor at the same time.
  • the extremely unnecessary and ill-received changes to the dye system that level lock the process, location lock the process and make it far more cumbersome and tedious, not to mention more difficult to even see what the outcome will be depending on the differences in male / female versions of the same item.
  • the dissatisfying changes to the inventory system / the inability to sort items how WE chose (even if we choose to leave empty spaces in our containers).
  • Performance as a whole on consoles. Especially with all of the additional building sets / placable items being sold in the BLB there has been little to nothing done to enhance performance on consoles which have been sorely in need of enhanced performance for a very long time.

I am sure that there are other points but I am in a lot of pain right now and I also just got home from work so this is all that comes to mind.


Once again.

Weekly updates, even if it is to tell us there is nothing new.

Seriously, we are talking about 15 minutes a week.


That is good news and thank you for direct comes there. It helps my conspiracy minded psychosis. I will be patient then. Is there a plan to go public with more of the plan or is this all will get for the time being?


This one would like to echo the request for somewhat regular updates.
Even if it is only a working on this without a timeframe.

A weekly or every other week (when Summer break is over, monthly or so during seasons when staffing is thin, because everyone deserves a vacation) notation of two items.

  1. A featured bug that is in the process of being tackled, even if it’s not done yet
  2. A teaser or even just mention of a new feature or content currently in the pipeline

Sometimes bugs are extremely tough. Like toenail fungus, almost impossible to remove without killing the host. But knowing that a much loathed problem is getting attention is relieving.

As for new stuff coming, this one personally prefers a constant trail of yummy crumbs rather than protracted silence and then a full info drop.

Gratitude for your time and attention.