How do they break the game even more with every update?!

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I’m sorry, but this is really funny.

(For those who might not know why it’s funny: Multigun is the author of some of the most popular mods out there.)


@CodeMage just brought up a point to me. Are you talking about an issue with update 2.4? If so, I owe you an apology…I cannot confirm this as an issue because I’m only using live updates not test updates. I’m on PS5 with update 2.3 and everything mentioned works fine…So, if that’s the case, you may be right. BUT that’s also why they have those updates so people can report the problems.

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Who cares if you cannot use elevators and map rooms that you do not own? :innocent:


some people may be playing in a collective server,right? you know,admins have maprooms,you use common elevators to your friends’ bases… And some people can’t place an elevator and those people may be getting into their base with elevators in pvp servers… you gotta think about it every way


Get a mount and stop being cozy :stuck_out_tongue:

The world of Conan is so beautiful! I rarely use a horse when i can play for like 3-4 hours, even now after so much time that we played, there are things that you might have missed.

I totally dislike maprooms. Broken pvp feature. Ganking possibilities to no end. I can continue :frowning:

It is an issue that it won’t take long to see it fixed. It is unfortunate that on Siptah there is no maproom to test the feature. I am sure if this would have been spotted it would have not camed to live servers. It was not present in 2.3, that is last time when i have used an elevator.

Btw, has anyone tried the Fast Elevators to see if they are bugged aswell?

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Multigun has to make his own map. :stuck_out_tongue:

I happen to agree with you there. Now that we have mounts, there really shouldn’t be any map rooms.


Is this really a thing on officials? I’m playing right now on official siptah pvp 6300 and I can use other people maps or elevators :S

Screw it, I’m down with the removal of maprooms too.

I lold with Multigun’s response too :joy:

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I have to reply here also :frowning:

I really feel your frustration, i have been there aswell more then once. Surely, i can easily say “we”, including more players that lately become more active here on forums.(me being one of them)

Release day of Siptah. All excited after a hard work day. I start the game and go have a shower…i come back from shower to see the game crashed…Ok… no reason to panic yet, i did a fast integrity check, being sure that my mods were causing the crash, i deleted all mods and went through with the check(many mods…50+) because i wanted to play Siptah. None of that helped, the game was just crashing on Main Menu screen. So i went a mile further and uninstalled the game and reaquired it. That did not help either. Panic already settled in…so went and watched their stream on Youtube, that stream got me more fired up and called Siptah to be just another money grab and name them Fancon for it. Earlier last year i reacted like this again, i was tired of PC and went to chill on Xbox in 2018 at release, so the announcement of Siptah for me was like a “horror dream come through”. Could not play on PC, could not play on Xbox and surely i was not buying a PS, i went and bought another processor(400+ EU) and problem was solved on PC. The AMD issue is still present, yes…even by this day the others that posted here on forums but did not choose to change from AMD to INTEL are not able to start the game…imo this is a breaking game situation, not you petty cry around some maprooms or elevators.

I do not want to overreact, but i think i have 500-1000 hours put into Siptah. You do not have to agree with me and i respect your stand, but i camed to the point where i really think Funcom and Conan Exiles are on a ascending path. With bads and goods, we all had a bad 2020, but with 2021 i have seen improvement both in game and how they handled patches(i think 2.2 was the last rushed patch from testlive).
There will always be people who agree and disagree, there are more serious issues to be dealt with (Animation Canceling, Ambrosia, Fishtraps, AP nerf and +++ being some of them, not all of them capital…) … i am reffering to undermeshing … it has to come to Siptah and work aswell …

I would gladly talk about real issues, that bother all of us, not some freaking elevators and ambrosia topics that end up being moderated…

Be reasonable and weight the goods before the crappy ones.

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This “get used to it” attitude is counter-productive. Do you want Conan to keep existing? Do you want to keep having people to play Conan with? People are justifiably furious because Funcom is mismanaging this game into the ground. We are not just going to get used to having our gameplay ruined by Funcom’s reckless and incompetent patches… we’re going to leave. Think it’s an empty threat and think it doesn’t affect you? Just look at Funcom’s history. They were on the brink of bankruptcy and were saved by Conan. And now they dump garbage on the paying Conan fans patch after patch.

I am a software developer and I would not have a job if I did as poor a job as Funcom. I have to write code that actually works.

Sure I’m just one person, but how many others are there like me? Low server population numbers tell me that I am not rare. I used to play regularly (on official), playing with other people, helping other people, making the whole game experience generally more enjoyable for the community. As a programmer I might even get into modding and help the community out in that way.

But when patch 2.2 which introduced infuriating bugs was dumped on us it really frustrated me. Then they followed it up with 2.3 which was even worse and I just stopped playing. I hoped 2.4 would fix the worst issues from 2.2 and 2.3, but now 2.4 has just been another travesty of feckless incompetence.

With the abhorrent quality of the patches being released I don’t see myself returning any time soon, and I absolutely am not going to give my free labor to improve the community with mods. I am not going to buy DLC, and not only will I not recommend the game to people, I will actively steer them away from it. It’s a wreck. If you enjoy this mess, great, but when you see how many people are frustrated by it the most productive response is advice on working around the issues being complained about – or solidarity with our frustration and pressure on Funcom to focus on quality.


Low server population can just be the result of the players who populate it.

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Not even close . There are some real annoying bugs that have never been fixed, there also are bugs that were fixed but came back. But it is far from the train wreck you try to portray.

Funcom is a business, they are in it for the money. so good luck with your “pressure.”

Have you noticed a health nerf to thrals? I have several that took a big hit.

I disagree, but that doesn’t mean I think Funcom is doing a good job here. Let me try to explain.

Yes, me too. And that’s precisely why I disagree with what you said above.

Think about what happens at your workplace if a bug reaches production. There’s probably a whole bunch of processes and practices for that. Roll back the changes, find out what happened, why it happened, document it for future (what Amazon calls COE), update the runbooks, etc.

Now, it’s true that, when it comes to game development industry, there are some differences, so some of these things can’t be done the same way, but that’s not what I want to focus on.

Think about what it means when a software development company keeps letting major bugs reach production. Those processes and practices that I mentioned above? They’re either absent or flawed. Now think about what it means when it’s been 3 years like that.

That’s why I have what you call “get used to it” attitude. They have let every single major update have at least one major bug in it. Sometimes it’s a new bug, sometimes it’s a regression of a previously fixed bug. Regardless of whether these updates are “wrecks” – it’s debatable and my opinion is that most of them aren’t – the trend isn’t likely to change no matter how much we complain on the forums.

Let me stress it again: this is by no means something new. You think people haven’t screamed about every single one of those major bugs over the course of 3+ years? Did you notice a major improvement as a result of that screaming? Yeah, me neither.

That’s not to say there hasn’t been any improvement whatsoever: their patch notes are much better now, for example. But furious posts about quality won’t change things.

You said “You either get used to it, or you quit”, I had to edit my post…lol

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If I were Funcom, I would copy Mojang and allow people to use the new launcher to install/run the version of CE they like on their clients and servers.

That way, even if a patch comes out that people dislike, they can fall back on a past version they were happy with until they are pleased with the state of the latest version again.

I suspect it would take a bit of work to set that up and get it going. But once it’s set up, it should be easier to manage and you won’t be causing the apocalypse again and again every time you update the game.

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Minecraft downloads are typically less than 1 GB. Think about the cost of making every single version of Conan Exiles available for download.


But most of the content doesn’t actually change with each patch, so if they made a system for it, then only the relevant data would be downloaded and exchanged between versions. I don’t believe it can’t be done, because it can be and has been done in other games that are of comparable size to CE. Above all, it would be very good for the health of the game and its community to have a sense of security with each update instead of dreading about ‘what’s going to break this time?’

As a bonus, it would also cause less infighting among the community if niche groups could pick the version of CE they enjoyed the most rather than fighting over what the entire community should accept as the de facto game mechanics. They might still fight over what version is better, but not to the point of trying to enforce their views (and game mechanics) on the rest of the community

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