Thanks for fixing Star Metal - Now what about EVERYTHING ELSE!

True. But some might need a reminder how the devs pushed out hotfixes at like 3am in norway. And it seems they had that cruel time not for weeks, but rather for months!

The only thing I was really unhappy with - as I stated above - lies in those guys never really explaining. Sure, some would still have made noises if they knew those guys probably had a 3 hour long rest per night during that time - at least those would be obvious … :zipper_mouth_face:

By the way: If you leave one spot filled with fish (i.e. the exotic, as that one has the worst fish to oil rate), those traps will continue to work. However, one should obviously encase those traps to hinder other players from breaking your traps.
However, this wont fix traps on sp.

No. Simply no.
You dont even get how many players this might piss off, do you?
You and the other private server lovers… stick to your servers.
And if those servers go down in player numbers, dont go and try to kill the game by letting devs “drop the official servers”.


i tried that too at some point after having created this thread some time ago Fish traps always empty and unfortunately it never worked for me (on a multiplayer PVE server) but it’s old infos and things might have changed i guess.
on the contrary, my fish traps DO work now on SP, that’s why i’m glad that i have switched back to SP.

Hm, ok?
As far as I have experienced it - if a trap has once been bugged, it needs to be replaced. If then the trap is being left with one slot at all times, its just fine. (Works on our few dozen traps just fine.)

When I loaded my safegame after new dlc, all my fish traps broke. :smiley:

makes sense then.
i guess my traps were already bugged. hard to be 100% sure since it’s old stuff.

i agree, although i’m more inclined to play on private servers, one thing i noticed while chating with a friend playing on officials, is that there is this unique thing only official can provide you :

-No cheat, or at least less than on private.

-it’s free

And this is by far the most important point imo:
-a lot of unknown players from every country to meet, more than on all the private servers i played on apparently (sure there will be trolls and idiots among those, but like on many others servers)

Don’t think that, people was smarter than most people often expect. But that’s not the discussion, nor the point here.

The fact is that there are fish-traps in game, and that they have to trap fishes to make oil and ichor, maybe been eaten, used in some dishes.
Especially with the new way to make insulated wood, where you need oil right now, they still more important. Fishes are or should be trapped, oil pressed out if them while you’re doing something else.

Of course there are spiders, and other creatures giving this stuff, and people will still also kill them and get them. Just fish-traps are an important add for most players. And the fish-trap bug is now plaguing many of us for long time.

So i think, we can espect a fix, and well working traps, may they be historically accurate or not. :grin:
Buy the way, it’s a fantasy game, and Conan isn’t historical nor as i know. :rofl:

Not even. Try it ingame. Filter by official and add up the number of players by sorting from highest pop to lowest. Then do the same for non-official.

When the game released, and all 300 (number of official at the time) official were full. They still only made up less than 15% of the playerbase. I’d wager they are less than that now.

As for the others replying to me, the fact that you all are going for the ad hominem approach only proves what I said correct. I’ve made suggestions in many threads on how you all can get your issues fixed. Suggestions garnered from my own personal experience in how to get bugs fixed in this game.

Instead many want to stamp their feet and act juvenile by throwing insults are dev and player alike. So I am going to repeat what I said before in several other threads, and this will in this thread at least show everyone’s true colors.

If you want this game fixed, and Truly want it fixed and to be happy playing and don’t simply want to insult devs who work for a company. Then get together. Make a thread or several (depending on the issue you want fixed). Find out what you all have in common. Because many of these bugs, many players aren’t seeing. And if we’re not seeing them, its likely Funcom doesn’t either.

This makes it hard to see fixes when all you do is stamp your feet. During EA I ran a testlive server and reported many bugs that myself and others on the server were experiencing. Almost all of those bugs were fixed before launch.

I’m not blowing smoke here. They WILL fix the bugs. But if you act like jerks in the forums, act like one of those entitled “I want to see your manager types” it slows the process down to a crawl.

So you all have a choice. Are you going to be part of the solution and swallow this ridiculous entitled principle, or still be an obstacle? Because if you’re going to be the latter. Why shouldn’t Funcom silence you? Doing so will let the constructive posts be easier to see.

Spotted leopards don’t give heads. Birds don’t give heads either. Seems like an easy fix.

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It may seem like it but trust me somethings are easy to say but are harder to do as the best way to tell is to see the coding while having the code writer tell what is what so nothing gets messed up.

True. I think the numbers say almost 60k players on start of early access.
And almost 60k players on full release.
Coincidence? I doubt that.
Then they only had 300 servers, making up a total of 12k players being online at the same time.

Then Gportal neighter had the resources to let players rent private servers anymore, as a very few players told here in forums (I think they said out of stock) nor had some in reserve for (way) more official servers. Only because of that I could calm down, because I was so salty when pve-c got kind of deleted in favor of pvp players.

Maybe my brain is working in a false way, but at least to me it’s seems only natural for those who bought the game to be playing again. Plus (a few?) more to get into the game at full launch.
And if there are only official servers to support 12k players… Of course the other 48k players had to resort to play on private - or at other peoples nighttime. (Or singleplayer/coop…)

I do agree with you but just partially.

  1. It would be much more productive if not about every other thread in this Forums would be about “Give me my stuff back”. So if the users would just focus more on bug-reporting and suggestions this here might be a much happier place.

Baning users I do not see feasible since there is still something like freedom of speech, instead it should be on us to not push such threads to give them more attention, just my tought.

  1. No, just no. I never really played on official servers in this game but in others like ARK and I do not like the toxic community I encountered then, not generalising of course.
    There are some players who like to play on freely provided servers, and eventhough they might not make up the majority of the population, they are still there.

  2. A modloader system would be quite nice, speaking of me being a server-admin myself.
    Not all with private servers rely on mods but on the base-game, a base-game which has bugs and I still be confident they will fix it.
    So if I would have to set priorities a Modloader would be way below bugfixes.

How will “we are sorry” change in terms of bugs? Nothing.
I would rather see someone like the producer or a leading dev or something making the next weekly community newsletter and talking about bug-hunting/-fixing and the shedule and other details.

I do not expect them to do that since marketing wise it is probably a bad move if the goal is to attract new player but it would definately apPease the existing player-base.

*Edit quoted wrong user

I do agree with you about the stale taste it leaves, especially if the DLC they provide got bug themselves.

What I do not understand here is the overall strategy of FUNCOM, do not get it wrong I am a mere Manager but not related to programming or the game-industry, I do however work in customer-relation.

Sure they need to further fund their operations and I get the art team, which does an amazing job IMO needs to be occupied as well.
I get that the CEO would like to see growing sales to please the shareholders, I get that Marketing wants to push new content (Pet’s) to generate further sales, I understand the CFO and COO want more revenue from DLC to pay the staff and I understand the community managers to try to hold everything together and relief the Dev’s from this angry croud which comes through those forums the way the Purge was originally intended (wandering and destroying everything in the way) :slight_smile:

What I do however not understand is the lack of QA.
Put out the new DLC, as long it is interesting me I might buy it, but make sure it works and does not introduce new bugs because it will just add to the list to fix and damaging your reputation.

Put out new content for free, especially the ones which could not make it at launch, but make sure it works otherwise you might anger the new players you gain after advertising it.

But most important put out Hotfixes and do it frequently (no not on Friday’s which is about the worst time to do such things)
Make your game stable and build new content upon it, your “not-bugfixing” team might still work on it in the background.

Perception, as mentioned in many posts already, as well as this one, is a fragile thing.
I personally was disappointed about the first live-stream after your holidays since it was 2/3 about new content DLC/Pets and the Fanart contest (I really did not mind that, especially since you put it at the end)
What I did mind however was the defensive stance @Jens_Erik had about Bugs, not blaming him at all for that I suppose his job is it to put out fires and I think he is doing a great job.
But maybe you could have briefed him, made some statements about the bugfixes and so on, then show DLC, then art contest. I personally did not care about the Pet system since it contained the same information as in the newsletter, I care about the current state of the game, a game I love and would like to get better.

So enough writing here, darn I should not write that much :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, I was wondering what exactly you quoted there, as these lines werent mine - I only quoted them myself.
You confused me for a second. :joy:

Nice one! :joy: (By the way, prior to launch client, purged worked just fine for me.)

Yes, I think some nerves are getting hit a lil too often. And I can understand him loosing it for a second there. (Seemed like that happened.)
But the thing he pointed out is the reason I wont go on about fixes and stuff. As the most work community managers and marketing do is communicating with the players, I am (bluntly put) demanding better explanations in the future. Lots of flame started solely because of leaving certain details unclear! … Because of not explaining properly.
And it pains me to point it out, but that hasnt changed at all!
People (including myself) were angry (also forgetting proper language) when pve-c got “deleted”. (I know, converted, but still… For pve-c players not wanting to play pvp it was the same like “deleted”.)

Also leaving people with the thought of “feature updates will be free!” is a bad thing as well.
I think it should be pointed out again, which feature updates will be free. Because if I remember correctly, it was specifically told that only the stuff which was meant for full release/full client/full game will be free!

Anyone else still remember the commotion when the north update was advertised as a free update? Only after some flame, it has been explained in more detail what exactly they plan. Back then players were told that all stuff which originally was meant to be pushed out during EA will be for free. I dont remember if they exactly told if any further new features will be for free as well. I think it was clear that those would be DLCs.

Sorry @Nuria I corrected the mistake about the quote, sorry for the confusion :smiley:

I got the same impression but you cannot really blame him, can you?
He is a sympatic guy doing his job and telling us about what he was told to tell us (yes much telling) :slight_smile:

I do not have the solution to everything but I have a opinion about almost everything, if those are correct? Who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

More communication would be appreciated, and as much as I understand they will or cannot answer to the angry mob, they still should be more open about what is coming and so on.

Personally I was quite put off to read in the first announcement after their big holidays (I am happy for them they had it):

Patch Schedule for the next two weeks [31.07.2018]:

It felt like a slap in the face. Do not get me wrong I was looking forward to this DLC but being it the first thing they do after all the rage in the forums.
All was, at least for me, not as bad since they fixed the starmetal issue at least.

Later Tascha made a statement about that, so you have the whole picture:
Tascha’s statement

You are quite right. It would do nothing to solve bugs. Nor was that the context of my remark. What it would do is reassure the players that FC recognizes the colossal ■■■■ up MOAB’s was and they won’t make that mistake again.

I’m having a hard time understanding why so many here seem to not get that. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, I come from a military background, and we are taught “When you screw up, step up.” Own your mistakes. Learn from them. Make it right.

Nothing to do with bugs. It’s about integrity.

Look, I’m not one of those rabid haters who thinks FC is the Devil, whatever. I’m actually enjoying the game in spite of its many flaws. The world building, lore, and setting is brilliantly done. The animations are great, the art is stunning.

My point was not about the bugs themselves (I’m confident, or at least hopeful, those will be sorted out in due course), but in how FC has gone about dealing with a playerbase, some of whom are justifiably upset. The notion that those folks should be ignored or banned is absurd to me.

But reasonable people can disagree. I maintain that a simple apology from those responsible would cut down on the vitriol in these forums. People are angry because they feel (rightly or wrongly, doesn’t matter) that they are being wronged.

In the end, doesn’t really bother me too much either way. No one forces me to read these forums. I can ignore the noise.


I share the same mentality in this regard as you do eventhough I did not attain it because I went to serve in the army, that I was thought by my parents.
Thing is an apology is just sincere when the one apologizing shares the same mentality as us, otherwise it is just words, meaning nothing.

That was why I said an apology itself would not help, I rather see actions but just words. I think we are not so far off in our opinions afterall.

Totally agree with you here :+1:

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I didnt mean to blame him. Of course all the “fix bugs already” rants are getting to those people, if they get told directly.

And that is the core issue.
I want those bosses to understand where the core issue lies in:

To me that means communication.
What will be told?
What should the employees (i.e. Jens Erik) tell the playerbase?

It’s been so many times up until now, that statements caused an uproar because of the choice of words, or because some information was missing/confusing.

Those bosses should try to understand, how we are living in a world where a single word or line can make the difference. (Though they should know this - they wouldnt be in their position if they didnt.) And how even those dumb players have understood that. (Sometimes I really think players are being thought of as some stupid bunch - comparable to fatstock.)

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