Server-wide NPC aggro problem

Same bug on Official PVE Server #1053. But I dont know where is this specific “aggro-triggering” place, so NPC aggroing begins and stops occasionally

All servers affected. Its listed in known issues.

Same bug in official server #1125. Devs take a look to this guy and hire him (and fire the dev that could not find out the cause of this big issue). Good job Jafnhar!!! now let’s pry the devs fixes the issue ASAP.

I also noticed that when I log in the server for first time since starting client I have zero aggro but when I disconnect and then join again the aggro works…

I tried that and doesn’t work for me, but I am in official server— are you?


I also sent a PM directly to the Funcom team offering to let them hop on my server and attempt to use this reproducible occurrence to help them figure the issue out, but I haven’t heard back on that.

And no, I’m on a private server. I don’t know if this exact location (Player made base near Tower of Bats) is the problem on every server having the issue, but I do know it’s the problem on mine, which could significantly help the troubleshooting process if they wanted to have a look around there. Either something in that area, or something specific this player has built in his base, or some interaction of the two seems to be the culprit.

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@Jafnhar - It is not just at the tower of bats. I’ve just teleported to New Asagard, the sentinels, the pirate ship, and to each players’ base on my server. We have zero aggro. Thralls placed to eliminate hostile NPCs won’t attack them, and hostile NPCs (Such as wolves and dastardly pirates) won’t attack. Huge exploit for the folks on my server right now as they can go around mass slaughtering, etc, without consequence or resistance.

I’m also on the server Jafnahar is on. The point is that while these symptoms plague many servers, on our server we have ISOLATED the specific base that is solely responsible for it which can be used for TESTING (it can likely be other areas too and once a base has a bugged thrall). We’ve been trying to get the devs there to examine and experiment with the base so they can have a more centralized focus in dealing with this server breaking bug and maybe find the cause/fix sooner rather than later. Sadly we’ve not received responses from them. We can 100% replicate this and break the agro, restore the agro at will. It just stinks to have the problem reproducible and correctable/breakable on our server and not be able to have the devs take a peak and help fix their game. Felt like it was a good opportunity for them to see the bug’s behavior and its trigger/correction CONSISTENTLY.

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Yes, I definetly agree this is THEIR best chance to shortcut a big bug and fix it quick, keep trying to contact with devs, because it’s frustrating that you find the “key” to fix a big bug and the devs aren’t reachable. I wonder how many times they refused the help of the community when something is so simple…

Hi everyone,

Thanks a lot for the report. This particular bug is of highest priority to us and we are grateful for any input that helps us reproduce it internally.
We might get back to you if we have additional questions or need more info :slight_smile:


As Tascha mentioned above this bug is very high on our list to bugs to squash.

@Jafnhar Are you able to reproduce this bug on your server if you:
a) restart the server
b) never use any kind of teleporting (admin teleport, dungeon teleport, respawn after death teleport)?
c) execute your repro steps

Can you please also send me a PM with your private contact info including which time zone you are on so we can assign an engineer to get in contact with you?


I just did the above myself, official server 1035 PVE-C

  1. Login
  2. Go outside base(jungle base, 2 crocs nearby)
  3. Run past the crocs, stand on(more in) the crocs, jump, do emotes
  4. Crocs do nothing
  5. Hit the crocs
  6. Crocs attacks 2 times
  7. Crocs wander off
  8. Go back to step 3

I was beginning to think that there was some kind of a server “event,” or perhaps a dungeon activity that provoked this issue. I have not been able to confirm, sadly. If I am able to, I will make sure to report back.

OMG THANK YOU!!! I am VERY happy that you read this thread and that you are working on it. I was loosing my hope!. Forgive us if sometimes we are a bit “tough” in our comments. Bear in mind that our intensity is because we LOVE the game we LOVE the potential and the idea and we CANNOT WAIT to play it properly ASAP. KEEP WORKING, DON’T GIVE UP GUYS!!!


Tyros I told Jafnahar about your response for our server. I can answer your questions as well.

A) Yes, restarts have nothing to do with it at all. You can restart the server as much as you want, it is still 100% reproduceable.

B) We can reproduce it without any admin teleporting as it affected our player base at the time when we were running our server.

C) We can walk you through all the reproduction steps. We are not sure on the ACTUAL cause, but we can let you watch the behavior in the area to see it for yourself. We believe it has to do with thralls becoming bugged with a players base and creating some sort of agro loop or something. Either way, we can show you.

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No worries, we do understand :slight_smile:
It’s always super helpful to get as much information as possible as it helps us get to the bottom of an issue much faster and we really appreciate it.

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Can increase the aggro zone and the fixing on the nearest target and not on a tiger that is far from the base

Because it is necessary to approach the enemy archer to 2 meters and to tap it so that it pulls you disappointed lol

And to remove the restriction at the level of time (17h-23h) for the combat thralls reason why they remain in mode afk even during the raid

Ok, this actually sounds like it could be a separate bug (with similar symptoms).

Can you or Jafnahar please upload the most recent game db for your server somewhere and then send me a PM here on the forums with the link to the file and as detailed repro steps as possible (e.g. teleport coordinates or mark an X on a map that we can use for reference). We will then first attempt to repro internally. If that fails we can coordinate a visit to your private server (it seems we are not on overlapping time zones).

Official server 1035 PVE-C
Hi Tyros, Fyi this problem has been around since the 10.07 patch.
I tested last night after the population was around 25/40 to make sure that the symptom is not related to server performance. Fyi when the server is having 40 players, it runs at 3-4 FPS. Whenever the server is going on it knees(below 10FPS) the problem seem to occur more widely spread, however with the crocs near my jungle base I can reproduce it 100%, so it might be related to my structure or the 50+ thralls in it. When I’m outside their agrro range they wander around like they are behaving normally. When I enter their aggro range, they just freeze.
The coordinates where the problem is 100% reproducable on the above mentioned server: