AI Enemies will not aggro - Official Server #1531


Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer - Official Server #1531]
Problem: [Bug - AI enemies will not aggro]]
Region: [All]

AI enemies of all sorts, Animals and Humans alike will not attack me on sight like they used to. There are occasions where they will attack as normal but most the time all enemies are bugged so they will just stand there and do nothing unless you damage them, then they will attack you.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log in
  2. Stand in front of an enemy that should aggro naturally (Rocknose, Crocodile, Enemy human, etc)
  3. Observe AI enemy not attack you.
  4. Be aware that occasionally server AI enemy function will work normally (Stutter lag present sometimes)


Some attack, some don’t, very strange. No pattern that I can see.
Worse when they don’t look like they are going to attack, then seem to teleport to you and get the first hit.


Same bug on Official Server #1053 (PvE). Sometimes they attack as they used to, and sometimes all the mobs are not attacking (like in kasper301’s case). Even dungeon bosses (Kinscourge for example) dont attack!

And sometimes when my character stays in front of NPC, the mob waits for 7-10sec and then attacks me.

This bug was actual after MOAP and i dont understand why it’s still not fixed.

PC Hotfix Build 103818/18696 (10.07.2018)

Same server PVE-1053. Same issues. And players across the realm report the same:

  1. NPC not gaining agro at all unroll you got them (tested in EVERY biome and several dungeons)
  2. NPC only start attacking after several seconds of standing in their direct line of sight and within a meter.
  3. NPC acting passively in the entire biome and then suddenly SOME become aggressive and others - don’t. Depends on the part of the biome.
  4. Thrall completely disabled from time to time. No matter how much you move them and change their positions - they still won’t fire anything. If they see a potential threat - they just charge towards an enemy and stand close without drawing weapon. And no matter how much you’re hit by that npc.

I dunno what’s the reason for that but it’s getting really frustrating to run across completely passive biomes where you can enter and dungeon and any resource location freely…
Two minipatches have been released since then…and the picture is still the same


I am also seeing this on a private server I am running for some friends.


I am also seeing this issue. some AI will attack, some will not.


The server I am playing on is having the same issue. Sometimes the AI aggro as normal, but most of them are not aggroing until attacked,


On my rented server it happens as well. Work around this problem, restart server x2 times. Must be done 2 restarts in a row.