Enemy npcs and thralls wont attack


Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: Bug
Region: eu

Now neither enemy npcs such as animals or exiles will attack you when you are near them. Same thing with player thralls like archers and fighters. Please fix.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go towards enemy
  2. done


I play on solo/co-op and I am not seeing this problem. I have one Thrall and it everything that comes into the courtyard. I have critters and NPCs attacking me…sometimes without provocation.

I have restarted my game since the large patch. I am wondering if you have done this.


I’m playing online on pvp server, its been like this since yesterday at least.


Is it an official server?


same problem on pve-c server not official


Another thread on this topic…


Why are you stating the obvious? If it isn’t being fixed, people will continue to post.


Because we don’t need a 1000 threads all on the same topic, people are just too lazy to read what’s already been written. Another thread won’t make then fix it any quicker.

If they don’t already know that it’s broken… then they’re doomed at developers.


Still broken, will there be no patches at all during their vacation?


Maybe, no one here knows. If there is, Im expecting it to be small and only address vital bugs. Personally I don’t think we’ll see anything meaningful for a few weeks.


Having the same issue. Private PVE server. For us it’s been somewhat intermittent though. Earlier I went to New Asagarth to farm steel bars. All NPCs behaved and attacked normally. Something like 30 mins later when I went to the Black Galleon no one attacked - they just ran up to me and… stared.

We’ve had this issue on and off for the past several days. It started happening after we reached lvl 50. Might be a coincidence, but we never had the issue before reaching that level (all three of us playing on the server).


I think this is going to be a thing for the rest of the month. Hope they enjoy their vacation.


On the plus side, until it’s fixed… Easy thrall harvesting!