Seriously Funcom

I have been playing pretty much since launch I have almost 4000 hrs played.I cant believe how bad the performance is on the servers .It is ridiculous ,thralls still suck so bugged you cant even use them.Still have constant bugs still in game that havent been can Funcom put out new content and expect people to buy it when they cant even play the game.I am just waiting on the back burner for a new game to come out.I think after 4000hrs I think I am finally fed up.I forgot to mention.Do not l;og in someone elses base since Funcoms new bug dropps you into the floor when you log in and the base owner isnt available and you end up losing all yo8ur prime gear to another stupid Funcom bug.How is this Fun FUNCOM!!


If you’ve spent 4000 hours on laggy servers. Why should they fix them?

I can’t think of any other good or service where people will simply endure thousands of hours of subpar service or quality.

Official players are the best customers in the world. You can literally kick them in the nuts and they still buy and endure your sh-t.


Really? Is this every time?

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You can do this with any ceiling base right now, even in your own base in between floors. Try it, just hang from the ceiling, log out and back in and you’re upstairs XD


Thank you. This used to be a problem, so I’m trying to relate it to a previous patch if I can. Do you recall offhand when it was fixed the first time? I know we’ve gone through two fits of it so far. :pray:t4:


Oh gosh I don’t remember whenabouts the last was but this time it is since 3.0 for sure.


Are private servers more stable?

Yes, if the owners know what they are doing, you get great performance!


Mostly yes.


Expressing frustration for official servers performance is correct. The members that tell you that private servers perform better than official servers are true!
Like @Ragnaguard, i play from Greece and the performance i have on my friends @sestus2009 private servers that’s located in US is outstanding!
I agree with the frustration, i disagree with the sauce that’s served with it! Above all, i don’t like costumers that eat all the stake and demand another one because it wasn’t half done, because this is how your post look like!
I want separation between performance servers and building servers!
Yes on official! But i am willing to pay every month for my participation in performance servers. In these servers funcom can apply building limit, really, really low!
Why official?
I love admins, I respect admims, and i am grateful that they pay so i can play! But it’s this last sentence that i don’t have to feel when i play on official servers if you’re getting me! I want to pay performance and gain it if possible…
If i’ll pay…
And wont get the performance i need…
Then i can use the op language!


Look, @Taemien is just looking at it from a business perspective.

Ofc it’s not the right thing to do.


Im not spwnding another dime on this game until officials are improved and they fix the climbing/vaulting bug thats been in the game for over a year. If i knew my money was going to help improve the game i would for sure be buying battle passes and bazaar items but that money goes no where meaningful. Funcom is terrible at fixing bugs and always inttoduce a new one with every patch. So they want us to give them money to “support” the game which gets such little bug fix patches and rarely gets proper pvp balance patches. Ontop of that they are pumping out Dune, which LOOKS promising, as Funcom games always do, but if Funcom cant even take care of a 5 year game properly how can we expect their brand new ambitious game to have good performance at launch?
Conan is in horrible shape at the moment.


With 3.0 they brought back more old issues than you can imagine :slight_smile: and seems like they dont even want to fix them because they slack.

Or just focusing on their next game, wich I hope will be a huge success :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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there is a bunch of stuff in the store that’s p2w

they say 1 thing do another

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Which for example?

Yes, you are right, some goods from the bazaar have bugs.
But I confess - I continue to support Funсom, I buy BP and goods from the Bazaar in the hope that they will overcome the current problems. Perhaps I’m too naive, but at the moment this is the most aesthetic and “mature” sandbox survival game we have…
I have had negative experiences with companies (burn in hell, Blizzard) and the resulting disappointment and broken dreams, but what can I do until Funсom betrays me, I will contune support them!

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I think we need to give them time to implement their plans. In any case, this is a game for which patches were released almost every month in 2020-2021.
And I remember how many things were done at that time without AoS hype this days, just like routine work. The DLC’s was optional and rather stingy with content. I agree that after 2.0, the expectations and the requirements of the players to developers have increased.

wheel of pain, or the little cage, 200k building pieces… i will not elaborate, some items being able to stack within themselves (i wont elaborate)
and the latrine, because having a wc has to be a pay to win too.

Sorry, it’s just that your stream of consciousness is hard to understand. Is the “Wheel of Pain” a figurative expression or an real building? If the real building - please explain where you saw it? “little cage” is just a piece of furniture, not some kind of recruiting workbench.
“200k building pieces” - I take it you mean 2 building sets for Tier 1? If so, it’s hard for me to imagine how they can be used to advantage in PVP…
If you’re talking about the Tier 3 Siptah building kit, I can partially agree, but I’m glad that the old DLCs are starting to grow with new elements (although this is a matter of taste, why was Siptah chosen first?). I also would like to see free items for existing DLC in the next BPs.
“some items being able to stack within themselves” something incredible, please help, only matryoshka comes to mind…

In this case, I can agree with you, another thing is that 4 slaves are placed in an ordinary wheel. What spot will be occupied by 4 cells placed close to each other more or less than a standard wheel? What about the height of the building? Is the little cage smaller than the wheel of pain? If in both cases the parameters are similar, then all that people who pay for goods in the bazaar receive is 1/4 of the standard building …
Considering that any building can’t be smaller than 1/1/1 square, it’s crazy to think that this can actually be beneficial in PvP…
When I bought it, I thought that it was just a decorative item (and just like that I will actually use it on PVE-C) =)

OMG i forgot about “Lesser Wheel of Pain”, Wiki:
“It has the size of 3x3 foundations and 1 wall high”

I’ll have to check how much space the “small cell” takes up, if it’s really less than that - you’d be right. It’s not fair. I think it would be an elegant solution to turn it into a truly decorative object, or increase the “taming” time by the difference in the occupied area compared to the “Lesser Wheel of Pain”…
I think the time of work should be increased by 5-6 times…

People going through people bases off line and can log in and out to get through it is an issue. P2W content and just over all performance but I’ll have to admin it’s the most fun I’ve had in pvp in awhile