Funcom. U know its true

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FUNCOM -> FUN and inCOMplete


Like it said. Has the potential to be the most popular survivals game, but complete ingorance of their community.

Money money money money money money money That’s all they see…


The teeter totter balancing thing mentioned in the video is right on the money. They “fix” things that aren’t broken, nerf things that few people complain about, and cant seem to find that game balance that other games have. Most of the rest of the video is salty tears from someone that has a whopping 51 subscribers, but the teeter totter thing (which he actually plagiarized from another critic) was right on…


I fo agree that change is good but I think the problem stems from that they cant compare to a game and see how they preform to get insight since there is no competition yet. But it beg to differ for what reason should player play your game that your question. What do you offer that no one else and you will have that answer ans polish it. Your on life support funcom and it’s true because of the fact. That you spent way too much resource on fixing re changing how the game is played rather then adding new things. But I’m not seeing behind the scene so I do not know what things are being asked t ok changed.

I can tell you where they’re not. Not on Officials.

Currently on Officials:

819 Exiled Lands
285 Siptah
1104 Official Total

According to Steam a total of 8,150 players playing.

Lets be generous and say one half of all players are playing singleplayer (unlikely its that many, but lets be generous of the sake of argument). That means out of 4000 (I rounded down) online players, nearly 73% are playing on Non-Official Private servers. Of course that number only goes up as you get closer to the actual percentage playing online.

Normally 1/6th of the player base is on official servers (singleplayers included). Today’s numbers indicate that only 1/7th, closer to nearly 1/8th.

Threads like this are making a great case for Funcom to shut down the official servers and write them off. There’s absolutely no way those servers are now paying for themselves.

Assuming a bulk discount of 50%, each official player (assuming a 10,000 player max as steam says, modified by the percentages given that play on official) would need to pay $8.73/month. We could reduce that to a little over $1/month since our DLCs even if we don’t play on officials, goes towards that.

228 empty servers out of 536 wasting money with no players on them.

I’d love to see people make the case why officials should be kept. Lets hear how wonderful the service, performance, and experience those servers offer over others.

Official Servers, the biggest mistake Funcom ever made. Total waste of money.

Just a little edit to add another point, 20% of active threads in the last 24 hours were about an official server having issues or being down.


I’m not gonna speculate on their reasons, cos I obviously don’t know, but regarding their actions it’s pretty spot on.

I just kinda feel going at PVE players was unnecessary, but you do you.

Curious to know what kind of added pvp content you’d like? Fixes and balance, yes, but what content? It’s not a game with battlegrounds etc, so I don’t know.

I personally like when they add new dungeons and stuff, even though I only ever played on pvp servers. Even on pvp servers, people don’t pvp a lot of the time.

I’d like to know the philosophy behind their decisions. Especially regarding weapon nerfs and buffs…

Fx the crit weapons. Apparently (afaik) they made one that critted way too often and one that critted for way too much damage (quite a feat to f up both in different ways), why not just fix them? we never got to play with them as intended (afaik), so there was no way to know how they would effect balance. But ocf easier to just remove the effect.

World Breaker and Annihilator. I get they wanted to make heavy armor more viable and 100% armor pen was probably OP, but then they nerf them to uselesnes while leaving Yogs Touch with higher dam and AP and faster attack… Why leave that? why make the others worse? (I’m not crying that Yogs should be nerfed, I’m just wondering about the reasons why they did it that way).

Probably a ton of other weapon examples.

The whole philosophy of Warmakers is weird. Unless you want scraps you have absolutely no reason to move beyond the first 4 bosses (ofc the recipes, but that’s a one time trip and you don’t need to kill any of the last bosses to get them) (and if you kill more than 2 of them it’s probably mostly to spend the time while waiting for the 2 to respawn).

Did anyone ever find a use for the Warmaker weapons (that give you full corruption)? Even if someone did, on paper the hammer doesn’t even have better stats than others, so why go through the trouble? (dunno if they have some secret effect though, and I’ve been away from the game for most of 2020). You have no reason to kill the final boss of the dungeon and you can just run around him to grab the recipes. It makes no sense to me.

Old bosses that are killed in 4 hits by a thrall (pretty much) and are almost all pointless unless you want to delete your character (and who thought up that moronic “main quest”?). Why not update their hp to what never bosses have and let em drop a skeleton key at least? (again, haven’t played much recently, so don’t know if they have)

Regarding “teeter totter”. Sometimes it feels more like a wrecking ball swinging between two buildings, destroying both

I could go on, but whatever lol


The video was interesting at first and had some good points, but turned into a whine fest at the end. If you are going to critique the company vs the games they put out I would recommend you do it in a professional, non biased manner. Amusing that you flagged my post though, it kind of shows your true colors. It seems you cant take what you dish out.


Makes me wounder what Console Communities are at. They can dwarf PC number sometimes…

I rarely see people play CE on consoles in general.

But ya, In general… most games. Private server are way better, cause theres active Admins.

This is also PC fault in General. Theres this whole culture of let Mods and Player do some of work… Why have Mods and Admins, when you can offer Private server and let them handle it.

NO… leave SP bosses alone, Some of them need there old AI’s back. Out of anything, And they use to be damage sponges that were pretty boring.
Then again… there spilt crowd of players who enjoy damage sponges and those who don’t.
Groups of friends and solo online players…

There no real balance for Journal Bosses with out ■■■■■■■■ someone over.

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LOL what… oh…did you miss that entire point of the video…

This isn’t anything new, but you are right that it originated with PC culture.

About 30 years ago, when we began to play games in multiplayer across communications lines (I can’t say it even started with the internet since the first time I played multiplayer on PC outside a LAN or Hotseat was over a phone line from one landline to another using a phone number, not a IP address), we had a Host and a Client. Eventually this became a Host and several clients.

We didn’t get developer hosted servers until the MMORPGs like Ultima Online and Everquest (yes there were other MMORPGs and MUDs before this, but they were a minority of online play). Even when we used Battlenet to play Diablo and Starcraft all it did was facilitate connecting hosts and clients.

Developers came to us with hosting servers. Official servers with Client to Server type connections like Conan Exiles is relatively new. I remember about 3 years when I was reading into Conan Exiles and seeing there would be official servers, I thought that was odd. Especially considering the primary method would be to do out own servers.

Kinda like with MineCraft, Terraria, and a few other sandbox type games. Mind you I haven’t played Ark or Rust, so I dunno about their official server status. But when I found out there was going to be not just a few servers hosted by Funcom, but hundreds. I was confused. How the hell are they going to pay for that? I’m still asking that question. I have an idea of how its done. But even then, somebody’s getting the short end of the deal.

But why was it surprising to me? Well. I’ve played Everquest, I’ve played World of Warcraft, and about a dozen other MMORPGs. Where you have to rely on Game Moderators for toxic and abusive players. Response times are sketchy, even in games where they have many such on staff.

And now we have 536 servers, with very limited moderator tools. I know what Funcom has to work with. It sucks. I have way more tools then they do because of mods. I can clear out a base with a mouseclick. They need to bring down the server and use a sql command to do the same thing.

And you all don’t think these bad players know that punishments are not only few and far between but also weeks out from being investigated? Hell they could do some toxic stuff, get reported, and the decay system itself will cover their tracks for them. So they go crazy from server to server. No fear of being banned. They can’t be banned, the GMs can’t even find most of them. If they even get to it.

I mean they do catch a few. But not enough to matter.

So why have moderators and admins when private servers can handle it? Because we have the tools and the means to. We can do it infinitely better than Funcom could ever hope to. Hell pick your favorite MMORPG with the best customer service and I guarantee us server admins of private servers are better. As a server admin, my best response time is just under 3 minutes, my worst is a little over an hour.

Where are you going to find that on any official capacity anywhere? In any game with official servers.

As I said, we used to always host these kind of things ourselves. Developers came to the community and offered to make officials. In this case they did it badly. They have no hope of doing it better than this. This is the best they have to offer.

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Pretty much been playing since Atari myself, Didnt get into PC in till Lineage 1. Almost 9-10years into Lord of the Rings Online.

I think Final Fantasy 11 and Monster Hunter was my major console online moments. But it was always part of PC culture, that mods (game edits) fixed stuff.

Like I’ve said in other threads about PC games ported to Consoles. They have this… PC thing attached to them. Mods get created, Staff no longer need to spend money on a fix, and console user get a double middle finger.

As Console user, just use to a certain Quality of Content that happens when I fork over Cash.
I can’t say when it started. Games like Ark and other of PC elk?alk? Or even Morrowind on xbox(which is how I got into ES games)

I’m Spoiled I guess as Console user for so long to get “finished” games. (Not compred to MMO’s which get updates and have staff who handle issues (which LotrO has a nice few day turn over for any issues I had) NC-Soft had 4-6days under its belt. (thou they did little for some issues)
But you know, Its part of issue these days with Day 1 Patches, and extra updates, or MT’s.

You can tell when certain games are PC 1st, Console is after thought. (thou that sounds negitive, considering I’m well aware they have put a Support team to dig into Xbox issues)

So progress is being made there.

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Its honestly laughable at this point the answer is simple get rid of console and thus just make mapping of keypress for controller for pc. And just dedicate team to pc because new console are coming out games are being made polish faster ok n those because it’s easier to work with one type hardware rather then 4 maybe 30 other type. With ps5 and xbox x out that means that funcom either has to record the game to work on those or just stop catering to console and just focus staff on pc

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I could relate to that. That was back before we had internet to update over any mistakes made, so things had to be finished. I won’t lie, I’d like to see that culture return to development.


I think ppl are compaining about offline servers becoz there’s a game breaking bug out there capable of crashing servers, dupe items and get full 60.
And it’s very very easy tô reproduce.

I think I watched all your videos after this. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Haven’t played Siptah of economy myself, but you make a ton of good points in that video

At least CE feel like a finished product (content wise). A game like DayZ feel like a shell for modding and is just kinda sad on console.

Dunno about WoW now, but back around TBC / WotLK I always got admin response the same day. And in WotLK beta several things I reported got fixed the next day.

Didn’t think about people who only play for the journey steps. But Don’t most SP’ers also do bosses in UC etc?

I don’t think bosses should be total damage sponges, but didn’t they also nerf HP of the (newer) bosses when they nerfed thrall damage. I guess that was a pretty big buff for true SP’ers (playing without thralls). For players with thralls, why care if it takes 2 or 3 minutes to kill a boss. But 10-20 second bosses are just laughable.

Because they do not play their game in PvP. They only read what players write.

And if they do, it’s only in an isolated 1v1 environment with cheats turned on. And I guess then they don’t even use the standard PvP attribute builds.

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