Funcom have to change some things

Hello all,

Gonna go on a big rant, might get banned for even mentioning some of this stuff because funcom don’t take criticism lightly.

But here we go,
FIRST and foremost, Anti-Cheat, whatever system you guys “think” works it doesn’t, all Officials are riddled with the leeches. Most of the ones on OCE are Chinese (there are some Aus) but MOST are asian. The ping block doesn’t work 90% of the time and with the stability of the garbage servers you host, some people in AU get like 200 ping during pvp time… outside pvp hours generally around 20… which brings us to our next thing
SECOND OFF - find a better server host or upgrade the garbage trucks you call servers. Officials are some of the worst hosted servers i’ve ever played on ANY game. The fact that you… 5 years later… have been IGNORING the community both PvE and PvP about upgrading the steaming pile of dog poop servers you have, shows how much you care for the “community” we’re all trying to stay with. Gods are still an unoptimized mess and drop the server FPS to lows of 3… Even if you’re on the other side of the map. It’s a big concern people have mentioned since year 1 and still a thing today.
THIRDLY - Building limit bans, I get it, there’s a limit but no where in game specifies this nor on the forums to get technical. There’s no pre warning or timeframe given, you can build 1 foundation over and get tempo banned for just building in a game thats catch phrase is literally “Survive BUILD dominate”. You can’t build, there’s no actual freedom on PvP servers to build actual bases you want.
FOUR - Wipes - this isnt gonna be popular around the community but I’m gonna just say it here - 3 Month official wipes would HELP deal with the hacker problems we have currently. Yea it takes like 1 day to get fully established, blah blah blah. But people are able to have body vaults FULL of material, be it vaults / thralls / pre nerf weapons/ boom. Just anything you can place you can body vault. Most hacker groups have a couple of people that work with them but aren’t punished so they get off vaulting all their loot and put it away for another round on the server once they wipe all the genuine players even through reports it takes a week to even have 1 open then a month after that they may/may not get a ban. The system sucks especially when you ban multiple accounts of the same person and they are just able to pay for another account.
FIVE - Funcom… this isn’t a point but more a cry out for you as a company to own up and actually do something about a game that I actually enjoyed once upon a time. The game has always had big issues through the years but I’ve not seen it in a worse state than the last 2 years. I’ve spent $$$ on DLC / Bazaar items and I got Perm banned for getting mad and saying something in chat a night we got Admin wiped for build limit. (which ill own as my own mistake) But my god you guys as a company need to look at the state of your game, allowing hackers to run official servers, allowing people to bring up personal information through chats and them not be gone.
All I can say is I damn well hope you make BIG BIG BIG improvements as a company coming into Dune…
Anyway, expect this post to be taken down by the community for hate I guess.


Spot on :pray:

your gonna hate me for this … but gather your friends and find a private servers that works with your ideal of game. Private server admin work faster then funcom can and will keep a community safe.

Not all private server are gonna be best … but its the next best thing for you … leave official server and never look back. In fact out of all the mmo ive played … funcom is the most responsive when it comes to official server … but that being said all mmo suffer public backlash and shareholder … while private server do not … they have to make sure their community is engaging and thriving … so Private server are 10000% better.

I appreciate the response but the issue is there are NO good OCE private servers around let alone ones that can be trusted, however playing on one currently has been fun, its not Funcoms servers therefor better. Just ping is the issue there so going back to PvP its really not that great.

But yea I know your point but its EVERYONES argument and yet Funcom still haven’t picked up on it.

If that was true I’d been gone long ago.

The anticheat only checks to see if you have any scripts running.

Agree. But my understanding funcom goofed by signing a long term contract Gportal. Which is one of the things funcom is good at, self inflicted wounds.

There are no building limit bans. There are land claim and POI blocking bans.
You hit the limit when you are just building to build. A large foreboding keep, full of hard at work thralls, producing the end game mats you need to arm and armor your army is ok.
An open plaza full of statues and shrubs, covering a big, big area is not.

It’s about land claim, not foundations. If I build a 10X10X10 cube, I’m fine. Surround it with spread out torches and I have now violated the land claim TOC.

And yes, this is another issue I drop on funcom’s door step. They push what you can build in single player or on a private server, then never really make it clear you can’t do that on the public servers.

I sort of agree with wipes. Mostly because there are servers that have been up for years, and people that have not only been on them that long, but have been building and hording for that long.

What causes server lag; from what I have gathered, is storage. The more hording vaults there are on a server the more it lags. Right now; as has been through age of war, I’m not playing much. Every time I try it ends up the same, server lags out to where it is more frustrating then fun to play. I’d like to be in game finishing out journey steps. But I’ve died twice to server lag while in the well of Skelos{?}; well I’ve died 5 times, but 3 were simply me being over confident.

If I just log in to wipe out a page on the battle pass I wont get through it before the server starts lagging. My opinion, the server is already struggling under the load of dozens of full vaults, all it takes is a “purge” and an “event” at the same time to lag out.

Bad news, funcom devs may still be doing the day to day, but Conan exiles isn’t really funcom’s any more. Conan isn’t going to get better, it’s going to be yet another tencent zombie game. Running in maintenance mode with circulating battle passes and bazaar items.

I think you’ll find a lot of players in agreement. I see no need of a flag.

There is, if you go over build limit you get admin wiped and a temp ban, it happened a couple times to clans I’ve joined

Land claim bans are a thing and POI blocking yes, but we got done for build limits cause someone joined our clan that was a PvE player after we already had an established base on southern Aqueduct. Dudes base was wild big, so was ours so everything got wiped about 2 hours after he joined lol

as for this, that is the point, scripts arent an issue with survival games like this, with an exception of rust other than that actions are on a GCD which if using 3pp can be bypassed with what’s better known as “speed hacks”. Its a hard thing to really get right not saying everyones is better because its not but the system they have in place for anticheat having a third party group dealing with the tickets is a big problem.

Funcom itself is owned by Tencent - so all Funcom games from the purchase are going to be the same which really sucks for the future >.>

No, this is basically a semantic thing. It’s not a build limit but a land claim limit. A lot of people think it foundations, but it any placeable is a land claim.

I can build a tower to the height limit, but only the base is claimed land. Take that tower and lay it down like some great wall and it is now claiming land and a TOC violation.

None the less you wont get any argument that the ToC needs a rewrite and to actually be enforced. On PVP it’s a weapon, on PVE it’s ignored.

Me, I’m pushing hard for an automated system. That way the only thing zendesk has to deal with is hack reports.

It is an automated system for the build limit. As soon as you get above a certain number which I’m certain still isn’t specified it kicks in on that server reset, never been reported (that im aware of) for “land claim”. That’s what I mean by needing a warning, not saying to attempt to cop a ban for it but if you go build on an official pvp and make some ridiculous bases in multiple spots you’ll cop it that day. It’s the reason 2 big clans cant “merge” without 1 clan losing their base on pvp.

PvE on the other hand i’ve seen bases much larger and honestly 2-3x over what we have ever built. So i’m unsure about it being a thing on PvE servers.

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