Funcom, please get your head out of the sand

Thank you so much for your help. I just hope that people like Skinny can be act more positive, and provide more meaning suggestion and ideas, instead of complaining all the time.

You will find that opinions like Skinnys fall into the majority that’s why the player base is slowly disappearing.


I hear you, and agree with your sentiment, but really, players don’t know enough about game design to be able to give Funcom advice, all that most of us can do is report the issues we see.

Complaining about bugs & Reporting bugs, there’s a very thin line between the two, just depends on how frustrated you are at the time of typing.


I agree mate. Latest Stats:
Online - Peak

4,819 10,143 Age of Empires II: HD Edition
4,782 10,693 Conan Exiles
4,574 10,094 Farming Simulator 17

Thats a 2k loss in a week even with a DLC launch.

Many of my server community have just put the game down and gone to do/play something else. I’m sure thousands are just waiting quietly for the game to advance beyond Early Access.

I wish I hadn’t hosted a server for this game now, I have no choice but to keep going.

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You can make an egg? I thought chickens did that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for sharing those stats @PitMonk I think they show something interesting.

There are many cries in this Forum about new content, which I cannot really relate to.
Sure I would like to see more content coming…after the existing game works flawlessly, I mean you do not build a skyscraper on top of sand too :slight_smile:

Age of Emires, eventhough it got some cult going, is a feature-complete and dated game but it works. No bugs (as far there is something like that), good balancing and working mechanics/gameplay

Farming simulator 17, also already 2 years old, offering repetitive gameplay (comparable to the grind in CE) and a finite number of equipment (like the weapons, /armor in CE) but again it has few Bugs, gameplay works and it is entertaining, trust me I play it myself.

My point is, as long a game works properly and has engaging mechanics it will be played and adored, just look at how many are hyped for the next installment of the Farming simulator, me as well.
It is, at least in Austria/Germany/Switzerland one of the best selling franchises and kind of popular, and few will hesitate to buy the next one because you know what you get (in a good way)

Bringing the arc back to CE:
I really hope for FUNCOM to be able to push CE to what it deserves to be.
Focusing on content, no matter if it is features promised or DLC, should be their second concern, making what they released already working first would be the top one.

Just my opinion.


The communication has improved recently, it’s noticable. Good work :slight_smile:
And, thanks for the recipe :pie: I will try it out once I break my fast. :slight_smile: lol


Of course “bug fixing, stability and performance improvements have to be made […]” if it goes out of EA. But if its about MAJOR ISSUES like f.e. weather system TILL NOW, this is disturbingly weak. I fear you will be finished with bug fixing in 2022 if this is going on the same way. The major issue of this game is the incomplete technical frame, this kills it alot for many people. Maybe the people who get trough the pain playing or do not have these bugs say they wish more content. But for most its the bugs. Just saying.


ATM / Day Peak
40,800 42,026 [ARK: Survival Evolved]
8,339 10,399 [Conan Exiles]

8,405 10,553 [Brawlhalla] CE has the same stats as BRAWHALLA…wtfeudal

At least you did not implement lootboxes…

Is there even any fixes planned? Its clear we pretty much have gone 2 weeks now without any real fixes besides tar metal. And from the blog it seems we may first see some whenever testlive pet system is ready. And all focus now is on that and consoles.

Guess game is what it is until September.

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I believe from what i read in the news section they are going to update testlive soon with some fixes before putting the new features into testlive on the 16th as in another topic apparently the developers are getting close to fixing thralls not attacking.

Please make sure to check the news and announcement section

If you participate in TestLive, you’ll see some changes to thrall health and aggro as early as tomorrow, the 10th. I’m not certain what the server situation will be, but I know there are several committed barbarians who will attack the Single Player mode. As I’ve said in other threads, TestLive PVP servers are different, and since it’s ~5X sharing is easy. Anyone from here who sees me on a server is welcome to come along for Journey Steps, speedier leveling and trying to break the thing :wink: and help expose any issues. Unassisted on TL it’s fairly easy to get into the 40s in one standard weekend play session.

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