Funcom Taking a Month Off? Exploiters Win. R.I.P. Conan

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From the most recent community update:

“updates will temporarily slow down a bit during the last three weeks of July. Everyone on the team has been working tirelessly on Conan Exiles up to launch and beyond, and some team members are taking some needed time of”…“sorry to inform you that the 500+ patch will not be released before August.”

Whereas I completely understand the crunch time associated to launching a game and post-launch critical patching, and how tired the team must be… There are far too many exploits in the game currently that are actively being abused - building un-raidable bases in hollow structures like Bridge of the Betrayer, Volcano Temples or even under the map accessed through the giant obvious hole at Descent… In addition the same exploiters are abusing the graphics load glitch to spam log in and log out and simply walk into peoples bases, using no effort to raid and undermining hours of work.

So - yes, you’re tired… but in essence, what you’re saying is that the good players… who are following the rules, have to stomach the exploiters and waste their time in the game for another month at minimum? You’ve basically just announced to all exploiters that they have a free month of doing whatever the hell they want in your game because you’re going on vacation.

Love the potential of this game - but unfortunately Funcom feels very disassociated from the community and the issues plaguing official servers. I’d argue that people are willing to be patient for passive bugs within the system to be addressed, as those can’t actively be wielded by another user to undermine time/effort. However, exploits sitting around for months now… and now it being announced they will sit around for more months… is a slap in the face.

On the bright side, taking into account the population decrease due to these outstanding issues, when you guys return in a month there should be significantly less players and thus it’ll be easier to handle the workload :slight_smile:


I fear the tiredness of the development team is due the overload of work derived from the premature release. What should have been done in months has been forced to be done in weeks. To be honest, they are people as we are, who have bosses as we do and who suffer the consequences of decisions they can do nothing about. It’s work after all.

Why don’t you take a break and go to a conflict server or even take some weeks off? I think it may be a good idea, pvp servers are a nono right now…


It’s not like it’s any better on PvE-Confilct servers, you will be equally as frustrated there as you are in PVP albeit for different reasons mostly pertaining to bugs

You’ve played games long enough to know that people do not “take a break” from games to wait for bugs and exploits to be fixed. I’ll bet there’s data somewhere that shows something like 95%+ of the people who leave a buggy/exploit/cheat game do not return.

People take a break from games in which they’ve consumed all the content, and new content is released - i.e. WoW, FFXIV, Diablo, Path of Exile etc… but they aren’t going to return to a buggy exploitfest where the devs prioritize a lackluster DLC pack that requires you to remake everything (with the most expensive mats)… instead of fixing exploits and bugs that are ruining the population :stuck_out_tongue:


You should have just quit, and not bothered having posted this.

Edit: (Why this post is being flagged as spam is beyond me.)


Takeing a break before 500 patch ,taking a break while x box and ps4 are barely released the game like this and we are supposed to wait for your summer vacation is over to play it .i am speechless.this really was a money grab


Lol, the truth is, Conan Exiles has helped Funcom out of debt.

And Conan Exiles has earned enough money to keep the team in operation until they have fulfilled their obligations set out in the shareholder report for this project, even if they don’t make a single sale from now to then, the steam sale has made sure of it.

So frankly… whether we’re here or not further down the line… it doesn’t make a damn difference folks.
The joke is on us. A project will stay a project: Finite. All it needs to do is survive long enough to finish.

On this day, Funcom has solidified it’s reputation.


Exploiters can’t play on private servers since they get banned. So they need a spot to play. You all said you prefer unmoderated servers so why complain when players who are there for the same reasons as you? They want unmoderated play for the same exact reasons, so overzealous server admins don’t throw them out.

Same thing with bigots, supremacists, and homophobes. They get banned from private. So they go to unmoderated official servers to have what they want. For the same reasons you all do, so you all can speak your minds about politics, religion, or what have you.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Well you can, if you make your own private server. Which you totally could, the software is free on Steam. But you all stick to official because of some weird principle. One that is not founded in historical online multiplayer precedent. But one created because of Funcom’s one mistake of even having official servers to begin with.

Had they never did that, we wouldn’t have forum threads cluttering this day in and day out. DLC’s could pay for new features. Official servers are a cancer on this game that needs to be cut out.


I firmly believe in work to live, not live to work, and fully believe personal lives take priority.

That said, I can’t imagine that the problems with the Test Live’s 500+ patch are as bad as the problems on Live. And while I’m not saying Conan Exiles is dying… if it dies, this kind of delay could very well be why. Patience and gamers are not known for going hand-in-hand.

My private server will be converted to Test Live to get my friends and I through, but I don’t think this is a good thing for official servers.

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No Patch until August? If Fallout beta doesn’t steal half the Conan Exiles players then the other games will. August is bad. August is nightmare. WOW major update. Ark might steal back its fans. A new open world game comes out in August.

We needed this patch.


I’m betting sony and mircosoft are upset by this news. This could be a future No by both companies. Delaying updates is bad. Delaying patches is unforgivable. Delaying 500 fixes might ruin your future deals with that company.

They should have release this update.


That is very unfortunate.

I play on official servers because there are no admins to make the game unfair. The only place I’ve ever been wiped by admin action is on a private server, due to a rollback from another player’s bad acts. Finally, had I let my first experience be my guide, I would have quit in May 2017 when the first private I joined rolled up and died.

Official Servers may be the wild west, but at least they’re somewhat honest. Nobody believes some guy would pay $400+ per year on a server he plays on and not get Admin out the wazoo for himself and pals. It’s just gamers being gamers. So no thank you to privates. Unless I’m running them, they’re for schmucks.

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To put it simply, Funcom, this announcement that you are basically taking the last part of July off and not updating for three weeks makes you look extremely selfish and uncaring. I understood when you said some of the most pervasive bugs and problems persisted because you didn’t know what was causing them, thus making it necessary to hunt them down before you could squash them and then patch… but now you are saying you’re not even making the effort to hunt them down.

Thankfully my personal game is fairly stable, for now…but I can just imagine the extreme ire, after this announcement, of some of the players who are basically unable to play because of the state of their game.

This is not school, where you learn how to make games (and get the summers off); this is professional game development, where you take credit for the game you made, whether its a success or failure, and where, if you really care about your game and audience, you work your fingers to the bone to get it into playable shape and reap the glory of being the heroes who turned things around… and then you take a break.


Yeah I believe I’m done with Conan myself think I’m going to go play the beta of fallout.


you are not alone.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Funcom devs, you have to start considering reduce the time between those patches. This is not the first time something unexpected happens whenever you plan on releasing too many features at the same time (in the past, some big patches caused major problems in the game, making it almost unpleyable).

This big patch could have been split into smaller versions and we could have some, but not all fixes, already implemented. This would make the wait less frustrating…


watched my last Conan friend leave today, exploiters rule all servers (not by killing people, or even being good at the game, you just cant squash the rats, they are also taking up player space!)

one server, was 40/40 at launch, well all of them where… then it was 20/40 held that for a while… then exploiters came in, now its just one clan… sitting there by them selves, till they go an exploit another server

we gathered evidence, videos, screen shots, gave them to funcom… made a post here, posters said i was wasting my time (yup). now that server only has 4 to 5 players, the hacker clan. they killed it, everyone left

Like i said in another post. i feel this is part of company policy, to cull official servers… understandable, they cost cash (DLC?). And how meany have to go would relate to DLC sale. But rather than be upfront about this, they let toxicity do the work… not cool

as someone has said here, you should not have offered official server… but i will add to that, cus i think they are/could have been a good idea. Don’t offer them if you cant do it right (and you cant it seems)

The reason people like official server, even if some where gonna get removed (they touch on that in a live stream). is, they offer a non modded, none preference (of the admin) play zone.

No worrying the admin is handing out items to friend (An issue on private server in meany games).
Not worrying the admin is gonna add mods.
not worrying that the server gonna just get wiped (unless it low population, and it probably had it coming).
a place to build a community, where new people come and go, and a feeling of certainty that the server going nowhere (if its high population).

And to people saying… ‘shut up, don’t post’, ect… i wonder if you hate funcom? don’t want them to hear the negative experience of its customer base? just go along and pretend? let if fall apart?

That dosen’t help funcom


Because right now the PvE-C servers are unstable and crash/go offline for hours at a time… (Don’t get me wrong, I love playing on PvE-C, it’s just frustrating to not be able to play because the server took a dump and won’t be back up until the next day.)

I felt I needed to throw this out there, to give those of us in the US a quick perspective. I, too, was taken aback by the announcement that Funcom would be taking off the latter part of July. Then I remembered that all employees in Norway are given a government-mandated 25 paid leave days per year. Traditionally, nearly the entire country takes a big chunk of this in July. This is due to long winters (50+ degree weather only lasts from May to September, and even then you are looking at 60-75 degree highs) and the fact that winter nights are long, due to the Northern Latitudes. Days during the winter can be as short as 6-8 hours. It is basically taken for granted that almost everyone will be off in July, and the country basically shuts down, with the exception of essential services, and service and tourism industries.

All of this is to say that Funcom shutting down for July is normal and expected for their country. I am as frustrated as everyone else at the bugs and issues with this game, especially on PS4. However, the vacation is not Funcom hosing us; it’s standard in Norway. I hold that this game should not have been released in its current state, as it obviously needed a lot more work to be ready. I am hopeful that tomorrow’s PS4 update makes it at least playable for the next few weeks, and that the devs come back refreshed and ready to kick these bugs’ butts. If not, they may come back to a dead game, and it may not recover. fingers crossed


Just use all the exploits you can. Abuse the game to the point the player base dies down and maybe it might get Funcoms attention after their earnings get slashed in half. You have to fight fire with fire. Funcom cares about money, money talks BS walks. Take their money and you shall have their full cooperation.

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