Comeback after 3 Month break. Same bugs as before. when does funcom work? my complaint

No problem, but I have a different interpretation of what he said. Unfortunately, there are players who are not interested, “ready” or easily lose their patience by reading negative opinions about Funcom even if you try to support your own voice with one bitter truth. I speak of facts that people know and / or are experiencing in their own skin.

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opinions ?

these bugs are facts oO

go on official server and try yourself lol


No, thank you, Elathar. Hahah. If there is a person who does not have to be convinced that there are bugs, it’s me and I’ve already got the “solution” for my case. I’m cool about it.

But back to your speech, my point of view remains an opinion since this involves my personal vision. Another example of opinion, though I find it ridiculous: I have seen players even having a neutral stance on bugs… and even seeing a positive side in them.


My mother said her friends brother told her that your mothers sister informed them that there are no bugs. Now who am I suppose to believe here?

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The bugs OP stated are of no big importance to me. Dozens of bugs got corrected already and some of them were way worse. Every player has a list of bugs that are more or less important to him I guess.

I bought Fallout 4 last year. It’s been out for years and has hundreds of bugs. Some are really annoying and can destroy your game experience. Is FO4 a scam? Millions left WoW. Is WoW a scam? Do people really leave the game because of the bugs? I saw my mates leaving because of other reasons. “Not enough content, not exciting enough, too much grind, bad PVP system” they said.

I read patch notes and I’m for most part satisfied with the bug fixing. Sometimes it took them too long imo but then again we talk about bugs that were important to me and I can’t speak for all players, especially not PVE.

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dude, if you look into the elephant inputs, its always the same crap, over and over again., its just getting old. it looks and feel as a troll, (at least for me)

so not talking about you at all Azhael, or anyone else complaining. and yes i have complaint alot, in the forums.

so Hrukk12, is correct. that was my intention.

have a good one.


I suggest you watch the firespark interview with Joel Bylos. This should give you a better impression of the issues and how Funcom is approaching the bugs while releasing other stuff for the game. Joel is quite open to that matter in this interview.
You can argue, that they didn’t made it to the release date and have faild you but claiming a company, that is delivering new features, which didn’t make it into the release and DLCs which they even give away for free for players help testing, as scamming is illogic.

They are struggling, yes, but they definitely trying to deliver. Scamming requires proposition.


All right, Palm522. I’m sorry if I misunderstood you. Well, I do not know this user, but due to some “friendly” reactions and responses in the forum, you can say that I’m more accustomed to receiving less “understanding” feedback. I’m glad you keep that critical stance.

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That doesn’t say much about you. If you believe those things, and you say you do, and so I’ll believe you. What are you still doing here? No, seriously what are you doing here?

The game sucks.
The company sucks.
It won’t get better.

You believe those things right? So what are you doing here? What’s the purpose? Typically when a player encounters a bad game or an incompetent or shady company, they simply cease doing business. By playing the game, it supports the game. By posting in the forums it drives hype (negative or positive still supports it). Because lets face it, in today’s polarized culture, words no longer change minds. Doesn’t happen anymore. You’re either left or right, pro this or pro that, you either like the game or you don’t.

So what the hell are you doing?

You’re either Lying.
Or you’e Naive.

If you’re neither of those, then do yourself a favor and walk away from this.

This reeks of the sadness of the people who were fired from my first job the day I started working. They acted like creeps and hung around the business trying to talk people into quitting. You can’t find happiness here so no one else ought to?

This all makes no sense.


This thread is neither constructive or a discussion. Closing it.