Testlive Update (24.08.2018) - Pet system changes and additional fixes

Just an FYI, here are some of the hit point changes with this patch:


  • shaleback: was 235, now 1450
  • greater shaleback: was 235, now 8265
  • crocodile: was 261, now 2746
  • ostrich: was 89, now 1882
  • gazelle: was 65, now 4474
  • spotted hyena: was 96, now 3178
  • striped hyena: was 103, now 4474
  • rhino: was 298, now 3610


  • bear: was 855, now 3610
  • greater bear: was 20871, now 8265
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I would really love for a dev to speak about this rumor of resetting all official servers when the pet system update is released. I’m very big on my server and I would love to know what my plans of action will be. And I would like to know if it is true, would my level be resetting too.

I’m playing single player server
any placed pet that I had before latest update (24.08.2018) works like it should but any new pet I place is non intractable.
All pets I place just stand and look at me in attack mode I cant access their menu or inventory.
The only solution I found is to place pet then log off and on
all works well.

So now this update for the testlive has come through. how long for it to finally be released to ps4? i really want the pets update im so excited for it!!

nice I like this change

We are not wiping official servers when the pet system update is released.

We will continue to update testlive based on feedback on the new features and also do additional balance passes. In addition we are working on fixing several bugs reported by the community and would like to include these fixes in the pets update. This will take some time as we do not want to rush things. You will have ample time to play with the pets update on Testlive before it goes to Live.

That being said we are also working on a way to make it easier to check out new patches on Testlive (vs regular game). Assuming everything goes well we should have an update on this soon.


More information on problem. The pet wolf disappeared and appeared again after restart. However I wasn’t able to interact with it. Only thing I could do was to kill it :’(

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Are all Rocknose types available to get in current testlive patch
Such as Gold-vain Rocknose and Silver-vain
Or are they admin only at the moment?
Normal Rocknose and greater Rocknose is all I can get.

I’m testing using a Tir 3 pen
With 5 pebble Nose taming at once eating only
4 x 100 stacks shadespiced gold +
4 x 100 stacks shadespiced gold dust +
2 x 100 stacks gold +
2x 100 stacks gold powder
Iv done this 5 times now and have not got a single gold or silver vain Rocknose.

Are they not in game yet or am I missing something?

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Can someone confirm this on another server? And does someone know a workaround?

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Confirmed for me on single player server Every time I try to leave I touch the demon head statue and get a white screen telling me to select bed bedroll or deset.

Can you confirm that the Spider and Locus/Sand Reaper egg merchants are in game?
And are we supposed to be able to get eggs from nests (like crocodiles, jungle birds, sand reapers)?

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@Jens_Erik Thank you for listening so patiently to the complaints and rants, and turning them into something inside the game. I know we payed for the game, but that doesn’t mean that we have the right to complain the way that we did, being so aggressive. These things take time to fix.

Just putting this out there, so thanks!


Confirmed on Testlive_US_1. The Grove is a grave…

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug

Thrall pot only distributes preferred food

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Place non-preferred food into thrall pot (e.g. gruel, purified flesh etc.)
  2. Watch it do nothing
  3. Place preferred food (grilled steak, roasted haunch, shredded roast) into thrall pot
  4. Watch it distribute the food to the thralls

I captured 3 baby’s this morning: spotted hyena whelp, fawn and shaleback hatchling.
Put all 3 into the t1 pen and 100 plant fiber. Only the fawn and shaleback are converting.

Is there something special i need to do for the hyena to convert? from the crafting menu it only shows plant fiber, so not sure if the hyena needs something else to convert?

From what the devs said during the last livestream, the food to convert each pet should be intuitive. Therefore I’d assume you’d want to feed the hyena raw meat, as that is what an actual hyena would eat.

thanks, yeah I just tried that and it is converting. too early in the morning and not enough coffee.

My team of Russian coffee crafters and I have struggled through the early morning with this one. It puts you out of play, way in the sky, in a fixed location. Effectively the drop kills you – you have time to hit another potion or issue a fly command if you’re admin – but the best I can muster is a return to The Grove.

When you die by teleport death, your body returns to the Grove skinned as armored, but unlootable.

Here is the location to which you are teleported. Select God mode prior to using. TeleportPlayer 2156760.5 2309207.0 -11823.09082


I noticed my death marker was here:

I went there to look, but my body was not there.

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Jaguars like exquisite meat, 2/2 grew into greater ones:

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