Server #1803 down for 8 hours


Hello, server #1803 back down again. Just bringing this back to the surface.

I am done with Funcom not responding…
Just found this on support forum… they do not pay attention to forums or Twitter

Hey, guys. I apologize for the delay in response. I can confirm that server #1803 is down at the moment. I’ve spoken with our network administrators and they told me they are in the process of working out the issue now. Hopefully they’ll have it back up for you soon.

To get more immediate assistance when your server is down please use the server report tool or contact us through Twitter.

Twitter: @ConanExiles, @FuncomHelp, @Funcom

Server 2803 has been down for 7 hours now could you look into it thank you

2729 has been down all day close to 13 hours now and no one is responding to my inquiries. Please bring it back online

Thank You

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