Official server 1151 went offline


I am already waiting about 2 hours for server restart in the meantime i’ve seen that 1149 and 1150 is offline too all 3 crashed about the same time. When will be this fixed? I dont want to create new character again to be able to play.

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Hi there,

Servers 1149-1151 have all currently crashed. We are working on bringing them back up as soon as we can.

Okay, i hope you can fix it fast. :slight_smile:

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14h server down wtf happened

15 hours now that the server is offline … You think you can do something before tonight or is it too much?

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Any update on when server 1149 will come online?

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Yep 1150 is off for 15+ hours too. But hey, since im not able to join even if it is up, who cares ^^

Otherwise 1150 is a nice place to be, community is nice, some russians but they leave fast. All 381 players on my server are at least decent, i mean i havent seen about 181 of em in the last few days but im pretty sure round about 200 are still active. We are really a nice bunch, we share our 40 slots evenly, except for those 25 fellows who never log out…

Fruit of frustration
Book1 1, Chapter 1

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1151 still offline tell us smth ffs 18h now

Up, info plz ?! We can’t play…

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tell smth ffs 19h 3 servers offline

Im getting a headache from this! :disappointed_relieved:


Let me guess, let me guess… You changed those 3 to xbox servers and instead of telling us you just say nothing. At a certain point we will either leave or join another server and your problem is solved… am i correct ?

Edit: Hmm in the serverlist there are now 2 official server #1150 with different ips. Whats going on ^^

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14h Ago was fist update that oly to let us know there was a problem

can we get some more info now?

thanks for working on it and plz let us know

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funkom ffs we give u our money we need someone to solve our problem NOW

boop :nail_care::nail_care::nail_care::nail_care::nail_care::nail_care::nail_care::nail_care::nail_care::nail_care:


Still offline… Why isn’t 1 day not enough??? 22 hours to be exact… I didn’t buy the game to be unable to play or to restart the whole thing over and over again due to full or crashed servers… I am starting to hate this game…

ps. I really looked over these issues during early access because it was early access but now it is full game isn’t it?

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Guys we need more information about the situation. How long does it takes to bring them back online and what about our progress on that server? if its get lost - im pretty sure you will lose a lot of players. Too bad that Funcom cant tell us (who bought this game and some played this game from EA release) what is going on right now and if they are able to fix this. You will break your own necks acting like this. We are waiting too long for any information. This cant be true guys. You have to tell us about the following status of all that servers 1149-1151.

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17h later still no new info

Maybe thay forgot about us?

I mean for what reason u cant even tell us that u made no progress in the last 17 h? or have ?

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Ok, im not mad about the server down, maybe someone crashed the hardware … im mad that noone seems to care and at least tell us why…

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Just an update for you guys. On BattleMetrics website - status of the servers #1149 - #1150 - #1151 went from offline to dead. I wish you guys better luck next time and hope we can all find a good server. Personally I would recommend looking for a private one.