Official server 1530 down, been down for a couple of hours now

Whats going on with the servers, had some time to play this morning but the server isnt showing up. Yesterday I switched server cause the old one was down… and now this one is down 3 days after I join it.

Can we just play this game that we paid for ? Without having to switch server everyday in order to be able to play decently… ?

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Official Server 2585 is also down. Xbox, PVE, America. The official server list also appears to be very short…

There was no maintenance or server restart scheduled… I dont get why they would be down :confused:

Looks to be a couple in the US that are showing as offline. G-Portal and us are on the case and looking into what the issue may be. We’ll get those up and running as soon as possible!!


Thanks, its been down for a couple of hours. Kinda weird… the server been running super smoothly since I joined.


Still down … what the hell is going on … restart it and go go :confused:

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3559 official PvP server PS4 is down as well. Was working fine earlier?

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1530 still down… why is this taking so long to restart?

There are a bunch down… I’m guessing they were all on the same server cluster… How common is this? I really like this game but I hate the idea of potentially losing all my progress. I was reading that the servers have a tendency to just “disappear” sometimes.

I hope it comes back. Spent way too much time to just restart.

This is kinda weird. How long should we have to wait? No one knows, just hope they will come back with an answer because we have no idea about it.

So looks like #1530 and #3559 are back

Server #2585 is still being worked on.
Thank you very much again for everyone’s patience.


Thank you

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2585 xbox ? Cant wait to play

Can you check for it again now? :slight_smile:

  1. Xbox. Got in for 30 seconds before getting kicked out.

Playing single player for a few minutes to fix.

Worked for about 20 minutes then became unplayable. Laggy. Just as it did this morning right before crashing. Had to quit out. Will try again later.

Much better now. Playable. Have been on for awhile.

So the server crashed again but still shows in the server list and says it online with 0/40…