Several official servers down for almost 24 hours now

Several Official servers have been down for almost 24 hours now (3052, 3053 PvE C EU)

What is going on? Anyone tried contacting G-Portal?

This is getting rediculous.

EDIT: 3052 Just got back up


I contacted G-Portal, I’ll keep you guys updated if I get a response.

edit: It seems as if 3052 is online again. Hopefully the others are following soon.

edit 2: maybe not. It was showing up in the browser, now its gone again, along with one of the last two remaining EU PvE-C servers.

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Cheers. 3052 was back for a moment, but is now down again (at least something is happening?). Seems like 3051 just went down as well. Only one PvE C EU ps4 server is left.

Dont forget 3054

Maybe they finally startes to cut and run. I was really thinking they would do this during their “vacation”. Broken game that would probably cost a hell of alot to fix. Just abandon it and cut your losses. Would not be the first time.

I sincerely hope this is not what happened for all of you but at the sametime anything would not surprise me now.


And 3052 is down again. Why is everything so unstable?

3053 Down again as well. Looks like its the same servers as yesterday.

And all the same EU PvE Conflict servers are down AGAIN. Seems like a daily occurance.

Server 3050 also keeps going offline.

Quite possible. I wouldnt be surprised If they did that, the game is Lost, in a way that they cant fix It and create content at the same time. People Still has Hope But There is a deadline for It, and most people cant see it