PS4 Many PvE-C Servers down

Since yesterday, several PvE-C Servers from the EU seem to be down on PS4. At least 3041, 3052, 3053 and 3054 are missing. In fact, only 2 EU Servers are showing up at all (3042 and 3051). Is that just me or are they down? Any info on when they will be up again? I’m concerned yesterdays progress will decay :confused: Thank you!

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Me and my clan are playing is server 3041 and also cant seem to find them its soooo frustrating the game has beeg glitching and lagging heavy bad this whole week and we have lost our armor and suplies 3 times this week

I switched over to this server yesterday to get rid of the constant server crashes on my old server (I think you guys came to say hi yesterday - CharName Ivar?), logged off for a second and wasn’t able to connect since then. Especially on the weekend this is really frustrating since thats the main time I can play :confused: At least any info if this is beeing investiated would be very appreciated.

Yeah thats me lol. I logged of at 2 this morning after inlost all my gear and niw cant seem to find it. Hope they sort it out quick

I’m new to this genre of game and have enjoyed it , I have tried PVP but constantly had my progress destroyed by idiots. Played PVE-C the first time and got trapped in my own base because I didn’t understand the consequences of leaving a clan. So then I started a new PVE-C server #3052, leveled up, spent days progressing to a level I was happy with, headed North to the set up a base at my favourite spot in the highlands, got to the entrance of the highlands, was moments away, then i was disconnected, tried to reconnect then discovered it had gone. I’m getting sick of this, it’s becoming unplayable, and I don’t want to start all over again, if this persists I’m going to find a way to get a refund.

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