Official Server #1150 down since 24 hours, or nearly

How can that be ?

No WAY !!! !!%) IS DOWN!!! few minutes ago!!! WTF!!!

@Hubal If this is happening again, please do report it via
Official Servers Report
A tool for reporting server issues on our official servers.
This is only for the official servers. If you have a problem with a private server you need to contact your server admin.

----------------------------------Updates from another post, 17h ago.----
From Marshmellow:

You all should be able to rejoin whenever you want. 1149 and 1150 have been rolled back to the morning of May 17th. 1151 was only rolled back to shortly before the crash occurred.

From Scooper:

It was a server hardware failure. This is why there was a small rollback, we had to recover from backups.
It could happen again, as hardware failures do happen, but they are not very frequent. And statistically shouldn’t hit the same servers again any time soon x)

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