502 Bad Gateway nginx

The Daily Rewards page won’t load this morning. I login and get the error message Bad Gateway 502 with a nginx further down the page in small font. Toon works fine otherwise …

Please fix!



Any of the 22 folks viewing this post Funcom people? Maybe I should do a petition?


Is Funcom going to extend the Holiday Daily Rewards? Or allow us to claim two Holiday Daily rewards tomorrow?


This is not solved … I thought I was un-checking the solution box, sorry

Anyone else having the same issue?


Yes i have the same issue.

Try poking them on AO discord. Its usually a faster way to get stuff like this fixed.

Looks like the normal daily rewards were reinstated, instead of finishing the Xmas ones. A bit dissappointing.

As of this morning US Pacific time they have the Holiday Daily Rewards up with what appears to be aligned with what my toons previously claimed … ie up to date from before the Gateway error.


Thank you :slight_smile: