6 Man Challenges

Hey! recently we’ve gathered some friends and decided to do something challenging (besides w60 that u already saw!) and started doing some 6man raids. I guess it’s a good idea to use the maxed gear & aa toons when nothing else is going on and you miss challenging stuff.
there’s no specific team set up we follow nor class rules (for example: no players with the same class…), we mostly focus on doing stuff on classes we enjoy the most, the way we enjoy the most. In the end our goal is to get the bosses down and have a good laugh as a bunch of friends.
Here is the link to my YouTube channel, where i will post all the future 6man raids videos: www.youtube.com/@randomaocstuff8195

T1 6Man Sweep:

T2 6Man Wing 1:

T2 6Man Wing 3 (craft):

T2 6Man Wing 2


Love the videos so far.


absolutely loved the videos, highly recommended for some nice dose of entertainment :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: let’s keep it up!

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Nice videos and fun to see people do some fun content out of the usual still. T3 craft 6man is probably my favorite moment in this game for me so looking forward to that :slight_smile: agreed keep it up