64 XP per black ice foundation, intended?

i was just wondering how my xp bar was not Moving while i was crafting black ice building pieces.

I 'd like to know if this intended, because it should give somewhere around at least 500 XP per foundation imo if you consider the fact you need several hundreds thousands of xp to level up when you’re level 40.
Although i understand players should be encouraged to explore and clear dungeons/ camps and thus be more rewarded doing so, it still feels unbalanced to get such a few xp for crafting tier 3 building pieces.

please let us know if this is intended.


Confirmed to be this low in the dev kit, looks like it may affect all insulated and black ice pieces, will make a bug report on them.

bad luck for me i have only built into insulated wood/ black ice so far :cry:

hadn’t noticed about the insulated wood pieces though, as i wasn’t expecting a significant xp reward as i was with black ice stuff, good to know.

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