70man USA server, looking for all timezones

We are a 70 man USA server, looking to recruit some Aussie’s and UK to help balance out play times. Regular admin dungeons are created and events are run bi-weekly. Dungeons are reset for 2 weeks after each completion and then given 2 weeks for the server to conquer them before destroyed.

Server has only been live since 4/27/19 and is a PS4 server

We focus on PvP and encourage it at all times, 18+ server. We focus on community growth and fun, to join our server please check out our discord. All server info will be listed there and you can use the on hand bots to give current info.

discord.gg/7u56ZxR is our discord

Clans that register on discord receive a bonus starter pack, please check us out!

Server: Death to all
PvP: Always
Building damage: Always
Free for all drop loot: always

Remain in server after logout: off (this is your only respite)