A feature to save character creation configurations

So I play on multiple servers often switching for new experiences, and I must say, after a while it becomes such a chore to constantly recreate your character.

It would be fantastic if we could save our character creation settings so that they could be loaded and used for whatever new server we go to.


I would be all for this, more so if it worked like FFXIV as opposed to ARK: Survival Evolved, as I cannot seem to actually load a saved character design on ARK, the options to save and load are there, they just won’t work for me. Yet on FFXIV, I have about 10 different character designs saved and can access them easily either when starting a new character or changing my main character’s race, it saves basically everything but the character’s name.

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When playing with the creator I realized all the sliders each have 20 points on them. This means it’s very easy to recreate a character if you take note of the settings for each slider.

I spent a long time creating characters with each of the face presets, and saved my favorites. I just counted clicks to see what setting each was at, and wrote it down on a piece of paper. Then I took screenshots of each settings page to be sure.

When I joined a new server, it only took a couple minutes to redo each slider to my preferred settings and recreate one of those characters.

I agree it would be nice to be able to save and transfer a character to another server, but it’s been explained to me in another thread that it’s not really feasible in CE the way it’s designed. The servers work differently in ark from my understanding. I’d have to search for the thread as I’m not knowledgeable enough in programming to explain it fully.


This thread isn’t about transferring, it’s just about saving the appearance settings for a character, so it can be loaded when starting anew, neither myself or the OP ever mentioned transferring.

I do see merit in your idea, but it’s not one I’d use, I’m extremely forgetful, and I’d more than likely lose the piece of paper or unintentionally throw it away when cleaning. It seems like a simple enough feature to implement, depending on where the saved appearance settings would be stored, having them stored locally rather than on servers might be th easier way.

Writing the settings down and screenshotting them is the same method I use too! :smiley:

Another option to take when you’re trying to perfect faces is to do so in an offline game (or a private server) while running a mod like CharEdit Lite. You can then make repeated adjustments to your character as you test-drive them in different lighting conditions, and wearing different outfits. Once you’re happy, CELite lets you view the position of all the sliders and even shows you their percent values.

So yes, it’s still writing notes or taking screenshots, but it give you more freedom to perfect your technique than relying solely on the one-and-done approach we’re given by default on unmodded servers.


Those sliders themselves seem terribly inconvenient to me. Maybe it would be better if there were some fields to enter numbers near those sliders (but saving character design would be way better all the same).

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From a technical POV this should be fairly easy to do, character appearance is just a set of numbers after all. Also, as of the TestLive build, the character creator (or its camera settings at the very least) are kinda borked, so someone’s going to have to open that up and poke around.

I see no downsides to this idea, except of course dev time spent, but that ought to be limited. It doesn’t have to come with all the bells and whistles, just do it like Mount and Blade, where you can get a string of numbers representing character appearance. You can then copy/paste that around, share it, save it, whatever you wish. Consoles are probably limited in this (as they are in most things), but it ought to still work for them, even if it’s a bit less convenient.


Conan Exiles already produces a string of numbers representing character appearance, or at least the CharEditLite mod does, so representing all data related to character appearance in a numerical value is already doable.

Basically you’d just need a way to export it out of the game, e.g. in a text or log file, from wihch you could then import it into a new game.


Let’s not argue semantics here. We’re talking about taking a character created on one server and using them on another. AKA transferring it to another server. Just because you’re only using its appearance, and not any levels, skills, or progress doesn’t make the use of the word less valid.

Take what Volition did with Saints Row 3 & 4…(This might also be a good solution if Funcom were so inclined. )
You could create a character in the creator in the 3rd game, upload it to their website, and then download it into the creator in the 4th game to use again.

You were only saving the design of the character, but it’s still called transferring it between games. You could also share your designs with the community, which was pretty cool.

As far as loosing paper goes, I used a notebook, but if I were a PC gamer I would probably just save it into a simple text file on my desktop. :slight_smile:

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This was basically my process but without the help of a mod because I’m on xbox. Design, note the values, spawn, run out of the desert and admin some torches, etc. Mess with daytime. Take more notes. Exit to creator, and repeat until satisfied.

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If I was wanting to save the character creation details … Personally I’d take a picture on my phone and/or make notes on my phone notepad function which is uploaded to cloud storage.
(The second is what I do with the clothes and dye selections for my thralls)

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This would be great. And if they allow us to edit the character after creation…

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