A list of things I don't like in current patch regarding PvP balance

It’s basically only Silent Legion/Dragonhide(bone) armor mix. The normal EPIC armor is not used anymore because:

70% Damage Reduction (DR) in Light Armor, 76% DR in medium and 82% DR in heavy. This should rather be something like:
Light: 40%
Medium 60%
Heavy: 80%

+3 Attributes

High damage weapons that can 1-2 shot you. If you get a lucky craft on the Legion Katana you can oneshot people with the heavy charge dash and 50 Strength.

Bows can 2-3 shot you and knock you down. Lagg counterplays this though.

The horse lance does 80% damage to a 70% DR person with 40 VIT.

Attribute Perks. WE NEED A REWORK. 50 Strength is literally useless when you have high damage weapons that can kill you when you are at 30% HP. 40 Agility is the most braindead perk I’ve ever seen. 30 + 50 Grit perks are bad jokes.

Siptah weapons arsenal. Spear that can cripple. Light helm that is crafted like a heavy helm that has DOUBLE the armor than a normal epic heavy helmet. Weapons that bleed/poison with every hit. +9 STR gloves, certain Sigils etc. etc.

Drawbridge cave bases. Literally unraidable because the drawbridge has 200.000 HP compared to a 75.000 HP gate. Best example would be the building at the dam on EL (east of the dam). It only has 1 entrance and you can defend 1v20 with it.

Trebuchet being able to shoot through walls. This will end up in trebuchet bases that consist of drawbridges as walls.

BORING RIGHT CLICK PVP. Talking about you, spear (and axe)… The spear is still the best weapon in the game and good players will always win vs the other weapon types with a spear. PvP in general is sloooowww.

Unused weapons: 1h Maces are bad. 2h Axes are bad. 2h Hammers are a bit too slow. Dagger hitbox is awful (though those are used a bit). Katanas need a rework too. EDIT: Add short swords to the list.

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While i dont really care what armors are being used, to meet the requirement the player needs. Skins to your armor would be nice add. In the end everyone is trying to get the max stats of the most important stats needed. that is just is.
Should they make Light Med and Heavy have REAL meanings yes. they should. though this new patch is better then the last, it does ofc have need for improvments.

Though 1-2shoting someone is not as easy as you use the words to say it. it makes more sense to have sharper cuts and hits more rewarded. They already give you healing potions that activate without any restriction.

While i agree with the rework, i dont agree why youre complainning.

Yes this patch was about power housing the game, and though i believe the helmet was a mistake and will be fixed. it is important to have strong items in the game. (which normally i dissagree with)

Yes this is a very large problem, not the bridge it self, but the being able to PLACE the bridge.

This one is funny to me, because it is said by those that lack understanding of PvP. Though your opinion is popular, it is wrong. and im always happy to prove that in a personal duel.

Here ill say, all weapons have a factor, and if used correctly will be OP. but limited minds only understand what is in front of them. But im always for small adjustments to weapons, not nerfs.

to add to your list, This bug or what ever is going around with Claws having poison, needs to be removed.
And what would fix nearly all problems when it comes to PvP is turning off LOCK ON and auto facing.



Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

Yeah I forgot about the potions. It’s just insane how easy it is to heal. They should revert them but change from walking speed to jogging speed when drinking (like out of stamina).

I am aware of things like stamina management, positioning, prediction, aim, use of light attacks, when to counter attack etc. This is valid for all weapons. But fighting with a spear boils down to right click. right click. Combos are done rarely. Only first heavy or light. Example:


Yes this was a huge mistake by Funcom to add it to the game. It does not help the player at all, it makes the player only worse.

No one else plays PvP on these forums??

I know that @TheReaperOfChess would have to say something :wink:

Whats up? Lol the problem is always the weapon or armor themselves never lock on or auto facing
… if you get good enough aim to use the daggers or claws you do not need lock on at all… I have proven this before hand… I agree Armor needs purpose again… the status effect weapon spam from siptah is just ugh not really fun…the whole cripple this poison 2x that is just ridiculous imho. I use combos in my arsenal alot. Heavy spear attacks are used mainly but if I need to get up to attack faster from my roll a well placed light attack can do that…the rope animation canceling is busted abd needs removed. The dodge double hit is cool in theory… needs to be removed or patched. Hammers need a Slight speed buff to match the swords and they will be a main weapon again… I loved the hammer. Spears need a buff to the damage as they don’t hit as much as they should anymore… its sad… there are a ton of fixes needed and nerfs to go around but I Want the armour and the exploiting of the rope stuff to go first…
DR should be more:

Light 40-60
Med 60-75
Heavy: 75-90

And they need to bring the roll back to armour type and have it also effect encumbrance again… that way it makes armour more class based. Lol light rolling in anything other than light is a bit bs haha makes medium more meta than light unless you get aspect of demon… but you can also put aspect of demon on the med build too haha

If youre talking about low grade fighters, sure the poke Meta wins, If youre vs an army of 10 all of them with claws, sure they will win.
But on a Calculated, high level Fighter, Spear pokes mean nothing. Each weapon can do very well. and that server Dogs is a joke. i get it is popular but it is a joke, everyone does the same thing, there is no unique players there. everyone doing that same thing over all it comes down to in that place is PING and Reaction timing. no skill in that server.

#8. 1h mace is useful on thralls. They go ham with combos.

Yes but I am talking about PvP (aka Player versus Player) balance.

I always equip my thralls with obsidian maces.


Any feedback?

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