A Question about decay system and definition of "connected"

From what I know if parts of buildings are connected to each other they have a common decay timer. Could someone tell me what “connected” means exactly? Does it mean building pieces must just touch each other in any manner, or something more?

I have the following situation: My base consists of several towers on a mountainous terrain connected only via bridges. Those bridges are 8 ceilings long, what means that in the middle of them 2 blocks next to each other have only 20% stability, so they give no support to each other - they connect but not really. Do my towers have a common timer, or I’ll have to make sure to visit each of them so none of them decays?

EDIT: In case someone is looking for an anwer:

The towers on the picture are 8 squares away from each other, connected only by the bridges. Being in one of them resets timer for all (even being in a base behind the 3rd tower does). Moreover as You can see there is a single piece of sandstone foundation built into the mountain slope - it is a leftover from a scaffoling I’ve put when I was building it, and missed it when I was later removing it. Even though it’s a single piece of foundation not directly connected to anything it didn’t decay for months now (I have never touched it during that time), so it somehow counts as part of the big base.

Connected = two or more pieces connected together via snap points.

No overlapping jangled pieces that you manged to force together.

I cant say for certainty that they wont share a decay timer. They should NOT share a decay timer however when you jangle pieces together they can glitch but this can easily be fixed in a patch and then you’ed be caught off guard.

I currently have my base built on like 14 enemy palisades that have bonded to my decay timer as an example of how janky the decay system actually is.

I’m learning more and more as I search the forums here and YouTube, etc about all this. Definitely good to know. I just found why I couldn’t snap pieces together (stability is too low).

I have a big foundation structure rising with my pit of yog on it. It’s like 4x4 foundations and 2 foundations high with the pit on top. It’s not connected to my base but it’s close to it. Say 1.5 foundations away. My main base decay is 336 while the pit of yog structure is 325.

Why is the pit of yog so high?
Is it in some bubble of influence from my base even though they aren’t connected?

As far as I understand, placeables such as altars inherit the decay timer of nearby bases. How near is “near”, and how much does proximity actually affect the decay timer, is a mystery.

Ahhh ok thanks.

Using the hammer and checking for stability I was able to narrow down the few problem parts and fix my base. One thatched roof piece just wouldn’t fit until tonight. Woo! :+1::+1:

And weirdly enough as I added a pillar and stone fences to the overhang that’s close but not connected to my yog altar, I noticed the yog altar actually went up to 336 now to match my base but still not connected.

And another house (very simple - doesn’t even have a roof) by a clan mate is on the other side of a stranger’s base and my clan mate’s house has a decay of like 225. Wondering if that fits into the edge of the main base’s bubble

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