Admin Panel - Set Target Weather Severity

In the server admin panel, there is an option under Day/Night Cycle Controls that allows you to change the value for weather, fog, wind, etc. When I change a value and click apply, I exit the panel and then reopen it to see the values have defaulted. My server is through Host Havoc and their support team doesn’t know anything about it, as there is no weather command input in the serversettings.ini. I’ve looked online and found no command to input a value. So it shows up as an option in game but it doesn’t appear to be functional. Are the weather options still being implemented?

Wasn’t able to find a topic on the forum that discusses these specific settings. Is there something I’m missing?

Nothing on this?

I’m sorry that we did not get a reply on this post. We are currently looking into this matter. Thank you for reporting this issue!

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