Admin removed my Base?

Hi guys!

Ok, so here’s my problem.
I have been building myself a base in The Crevice cave for god knows how many days now. I only had the foundations, the walls and Radium wall torches set, nothing else was really done and it was all going smoothly, but I joined the game today and found that the base was completely wiped clean. The only things that were left in there were the dyes that I put in the Torches.

I really hoped that it was just a bug, but I checked the event log and it said that the admin of the server removed it and I really don’t understand why?
I highly doubt that it disturbed anything in the game at all. Hell, it wasn’t even finished yet, so there’s no way it was bugging anyone out.

Can I do anything about this? Is there a way to contact the Admin of that server or anything??? I legit spent a lot of hours making the materials for the DLC structures, which was an absolute pain in the ass and now it all went to waste and I’m annoyed and upset about it.

Thank you for your help in advance!
(The server number is 1050)

Heya, Bedlam.

For any follow-up questions on the admin action, a Zendesk ticket will need to be created. Admins do not reply here with additional info regarding in-game actions.

I know this unfortunately doesn’t help you with what has already happened but these are the building rules and guidelines for officials.

There have been many posts on the pros and cons of them.

Hi there!
Thank you for your response <3

I looked through your link, read everything and looked at the pictures and the base i had built in that cave had nothing of sorts. Plus, I highly doubt that the placing of my base will disturb any other player’s wish to build a base, cause it’s literally just at one spot and I did not add any unnecessary extensions to it, so there’s obviously some other issue.

Also, how can I create a Zendesk ticket?

Thank you once again!

The first article in my original post contains Funcom’s Zendesk link (highlighted in blue).
It will take you to their website.
Look for the option to submit a report.

From there, you’ll need to follow their instructions.

Oh, crap, I completely missed that. Sorry :smiley:

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