Admin request: Characters created + Last logon time

As an admin for a server it would be extremely helpful to have a full list over all characters (+ clan they belong to) created on the server and have a “last logon” timer next to their name. Right now we can only see characters that are currently online.

This would make cleaning up the sever much easier. Often i will come across a building and wondering if it belongs to an active player or not. Especially if the building is created in such a way it is hindering other players to access areas etc.

And an option to ban the person from the list would be great too. Perhaps even add in an option to “Destroy all built buildings” associated to the character too (except if he/she belongs to a clan that is active)

Or, I guess what I am essentially asking for is better Server Admin tools. :slight_smile:

Try to get in touch with Pippi mod owner. I think this is possible but it depend on how the server and your client see the value information. Id like to say Get all actor of master building pieces and get all foundation and = to ownership name and if each are true , Destroy them. I for one would welcome that change even to placeable too. Because sometime they like to leave campfire and bedrolls all over the damn place. Even a single foundation are just rude.