Advice on red latency


Greetings everyone, I recently returned to the game after years and brought in a friend to tag along, she is amazed so far, but after the first three playing sessions, in which she had no issue, now she constantly gets red bars and is unable to play properly for more than ten minutes.
Her specs are top notch and her connection is good, so I wonder if there are some configurations or tweaks we could address ourselves, would greatly appreciate it if you could share your experience and knowledge with us, many thanks in advance!
She lives in southern Canada in case that affects the situation in any way.

  • Is she running any other programs while playing? If so maybe try shutting them all down and just let AoC be the only one running.

  • If it’s a situational thing (red spikes when action happens on screen) you might have her try going to Low Settings on the graphics and change the partical effects to ‘self only’.

  • Try different DX settings, like go down to DX9

While none of these are what you’d first (or ever) think of, AoC can be strange at times.

As to her computers spec’s; AoC’s code is a mess and not very well optimized. While the rule of thumb is a good machine should run it better, it’s not always true.

OP said red bars so that sounds like network issues. Though PC issues can be the cause at times.

If her fps is fine and the game is not freezing (she can still move the mouse and use the keyboard and all) then that would be definitely network issues.

Is that the case @Amadis? When this is happening, is her connection working absolutely fine with other things?

A common issue with Funcom seems to be peering issues, that is to say a poor connection between your internet provider and their provider. This does not mean your connection is bad (nor is Funcom’s) simply that the 2 companies are not playing nice with each other (many reasons possible). Since the Internet is not “one” network but billions of tiny networks linked up together and ran by different companies, it happens. If that’s the case here: there are 2 or 3 solutions:

-contacting your provider and making them understand the problem (easier said than done but they CAN fix it in 2 seconds by rerouting the traffic if you reach the right person)
-changing provider, using a different connection (for example using the mobile network from your phone’s connection sharing)
-using a VPN - good ones are not free but cheap ones exist. This will make your network traffic take a different route, so it’s the same as changing provider. And VPNs always give you different servers to pick from, so if one is not playing nice with Funcom there is always going to be another that works.

@biglouis Usually her connection is fine while this happen, however we made both the try with the VPN and your suggestions @Nebless (dx particularly) and with both going on the spikes have become far and between and won’t affect her gameplay much now, thank you very much for taking the time to provide advice!

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make sure her background downloading is not set wide open.

A lot of good suggestions here.

Many of us use Steam to play games. If you aren’t playing a game through Steam, it does not pause downloads of updates which can be pushed at any time. I’d recommend closing Steam while not using it to play games.

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Many thanks! This is also something we had to address since her account is brand new.

Thanks for the advice! She is full Steam user, I still had the client from back then, made her do the jump and is going great.