Age of conan hangs on entering the valley conall / La era del conan se cuelga al entrar en el valle conall

Someone else in this forum has been left hanging the Age of conan Unchained game when they try to access the Conall Valley area and it has just over 40 minutes, and try to make pertinent repairs to the game, verify the configuration and nothing Still, it should be noted that in all my other characters I can normally enter only that not the only one located in that area.

A alguien más en este foro se le ha quedado colgado el juego de Age of Conan Unchained cuando intentan acceder al área de Valle Conall. ya tiene poco más de 40 minutos, e intente hacer las reparaciones pertinentes al juego, verifique la configuración y nada. Cabe aclarar que puedo acceder en todos mis otros personajes, normalmente solo no puedo ingresar en el ubicado en esa área.

I think it’s gonna be faster for you to fix it if you do a petition ingame. Here your chances with funcom support are minimal unless it’s a known bug and some players have dealt with it before.

Thanks for the suggestions my problem was solved.