Age of War Chapter 4 Public Beta Patch Notes (Last Updated 9 April 2024)

Age of War Chapter 4 Hotfix (Public Beta Update 9 April 2024)

Greetings Exiles, Public Beta has been updated today with a release candidate for the planned Chapter 4 Hotfix patch, along with an updated Mod Devkit. The changes can be found here:


  • Potion of Midnight is now craftable at a new station located next to the Werehyena who teaches you the recipe. This station is the only station where it can be crafted.
  • Other Werehyena NPCs at the event camp have been properly disciplined and no longer offer the option to speak to you
  • Followers will now properly defend against the Werehyena Ambush
  • Bearer Thrall HP increased to original pre-Chapter 4 values
    • (Dev note: This change is temporary, as we feel the current HP values of Bearer Thralls is too high. This will be revisited after a new feature in a future update)
  • Defensive Followers will now properly use weapons
  • Fixed an issue where a player can become invulnerable under specific circumstances
  • Tweaked certain Elephant attacks so that they no longer rotate in unintended ways
  • Siptah: Fixed an attack from a Devolved Goblin that did no damage
  • Fixed an issue where the attacks of the Wine Cellar boss Thag could not be avoided
  • Fixed an issue where Great-Axe attacks would go through Shields even when blocked
  • Fixed an issue which prevented equipping torches while mounted
  • Enemies will no longer fail to enter the Dazed state when attacked before they’ve had a chance to draw their weapon
  • Enemies also no longer appear to snap out of Dazed State when a Fatality is executed
  • Increased pathing speed during Fatality Executions (e.g. your character will move into position faster)
  • Thralls guarding a gate frame will no longer slide when the gate is opened
  • Resurrected Corpse inventory fixed and usable
    • Also fixed an issue which allowed Resurrected Corpses to be given armor
  • Ballista camera should no longer stutter when used on Dedicated Servers
  • Patrons arriving at Taverns should always face the proper direction

Inventory Management

  • Reintroduced the Split Stack window
  • Changed Quick-Split shortcut to Shift + Right Click by default
  • Right Click now defaults to “Use” as before
  • Inventories will now save the last selected sorting filter
  • The crafting queue can now be accessed with a controller
  • The cursor highlight will no longer jump to crafting recipes when assigning a thrall to a workstation
  • The X (Xbox) / Square (PlayStation) buttons will no longer close the UI
  • While using a controller, the left stick will now only move between options in the highlighted window, and the right stick will navigate between windows
  • Crafting Panels will now be visible when opening the window, rather than being blank until a recipe is selected
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor would disappear while in menus
  • Fixed an issue where Descriptions and Buttons would fail to update when the menu changed
  • Fixed multiple issues affecting moving and picking up items
  • Fixed an issue which caused items to lose functionality when split several times
  • Stats will now be shown when hovering over items in the hotbar radial menu
  • Fixed an issue where using the Potion of the Hunt caused the inventory windows to remain open in the final stage of the Midnight Grove
  • Fixed an issue where dropping an item would sometimes drop unmarked items as well
  • Minor adjustments of various UI windows

Battle Pass & Bazaar Item Fixes

  • Lost Dungeon Grate Hatch can now be open and closed more than once, as hatches are meant to be
  • Lost Dungeon Curved Crenelated Walls and Fences can now be places on Curved Walls and Doorways
  • Fixed level-of-detail (LOD) graphical issue on Poitain Jousting Knight Armor
  • Poitain Knight Caparison Emblem is no longer squished on the left side of the caparison
  • Poitain Caparison saddle and Winter Caparison saddle no longer have clipping issues
  • Building pieces should now use the appropriate sound cues instead of the sound cues of the material they were placed on
  • Dismantling Treasure Maps will no longer give plant fiber and will instead give back some of the materials used for crafting the Treasure Map
  • Yamatai Onsen Water Pump water flowing animation will now start when interacting with it
  • Arachnid Companion Supreme now has more health than the base Arachnid Companion
  • Fixed a missing background in Battle Pass parallax artwork