Agent Network not works by me


I have the following problem: my agent network is not working. Actually, I completed the tutorial and got the rewards, but during the tutorial the game crashed and I had to log in again. Now the problem is that everything related to the Agent System has a red color. I can not use yesterday’s Agent Booster because I’m told I can not take the action. At the same time, I can not even send the agent on missions because I’m shown 5 empty spaces instead of missions. In addition, I have no field for special orders.
So that came to my mind that the game did not realize that I did the tutorial.
Is it possible to reset the tutorial so that I can re-enable the network? Otherwise, I can not do anything with the agent system because I can not use it.


Alright, I caught up with them in game and stumbled through fixing them BUT we now have a good idea on how to help people in their situation. We also have the devs putting in some fail-safes to prevent people from ending up stuck like they were.

Thank you for your patience!


I thanks GM Tamtor for helping me
It’s fixed :slight_smile:

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