ALIEN INVASION Friday 12/23/22

On Discord, Spacequest announced an Alien Invasion event for this Friday 12/23.
To get your local time see the discord posting Anarchy Online MMORPG Official Discord

Froobs can participate on the RubiKa locations. Which is often the first location. The locations for the events are not announce until 20 minutes or so before they start. I recommend you follow the Discord postings on Friday.

Caloss2 often streams the event live on Twitch which can help in getting directions to the event.

Last weekend, the final location was a raid party taking on Multiple Beast(s). Chaos at its best!

Original Posting


Warning Citizens, The Morning Star deep space early warning radar system has detected the presence of Alien Ships approaching. More information will be given once the ships enter our atmosphere, but it does look like an attack this Friday!

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