All Official EU servers offline

As title says, been so for hours it seems


Сервер 1010 нет даже в списке доступных

its exactly since server restart, they just didnt came back. so yes, since hours. havent seen this in the last 3 years

Это верно для всех серверов :frowning: That is true to all servers.


Same here… I can’t see any EU server.

All EU servers are offline for hours , Looks like community manager dos not care so much for his community :), well as log as the pay check comes who cares right :slight_smile:

They are only human :slight_smile: they need sleep too.

I remember now that have to report such things at Zendesk… However I’ve just did it.

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they have over 2000 reports in the last 8h :slight_smile: no one cares, move over :slight_smile:

Issue still persist, please resolve it.

Greetings Everyone,

We are currently looking into these issues.
Please keep an eye out for updates on the situation in this thread

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