Amnesty In The Exile Lands

Im currently making a comic book, it’s a fan comic of conan exiles the game but with my own original story line.

This is a posters, I’ve been drawing a few posters because I want something to use as a front cover.

Well I wrote all this out and I wanna stop living in the past and move forward so I’m posting it anyway, sorry I didn’t know that new users can’t share drawing…Lame… if you want to see it you will have to go on devintart and type Amnesty In The Exile Lands, my user name is CookieTheStoned.

You should be able to post after a couple days or responses to others posts. I would certainly love to see you post it here as well. I don’t know how many will search to find the content.

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Sorry I deleted my devintart. Thanks, I’m excited to post here where the game lives. These sculptors are so telented, is that what you can a 3d modeling artist? I bought most of the packs because I got more value from this game then a lot of over priced games, my favorite thing is they don’t make you pay rl money for a colour. My art style was already sexy, I didn’t meant it to be like that, I just recently stopped denying and let it be. I guess no matter what I do I’m gonna get hated and misunderstood, drawing and games are my only sanctuary and really enjoying myself drawing this super fun concept.


I got fussy and wanted to re-draw it on adobe Photoshop instead of on my phone, I used my phone for both these poster ideas and I didn’t know how much better it is to draw on a actual computer, so I’m gonna go with the better quality tools… I drew this on my phone but im just showing my art style and what you’ll expect with my comic even though this drawing is unrelated.


Hi I’ve been drawing a fan comic, im thinking of changing the name, because there’s too many in the exiled lands blar blar blars. Anyway I couldn’t post the posters I made for it a while ago and I can now, I did do the comic but decided to do a re draw because it was originally drawn on my phone and I want better quality. These are the posters I made so far…

Thank you for your time, happy gaming :smile:

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