An annoying bug related to the dungeons

Hi, i wanted to report an annoying bug
its about the dungeons , sometimes when i complete a dungeon and make it to the final chest , nothing is showing up , its empty , i wished the problem was fixed after the latest update,i did 5 dungeons last night , it was ok , but today i did two dungeons in a row and both of them had empty chests
these dungeons are doing a huge role in isle of siptah , they shouldn’t have these type of issues
i know its early access and i know the developers care and doing the best they can , so i wanted to report this issue and i hope you fix it as soon as possible


Wow… this is still not fixed?
Yeah I didn’t play much lately since some bugs like this one is a waste of my time.


Agreed. I would have thought this bug would’ve been fixed by now.


We have found that this bug only happens if the chest isnt fully looted by the previous dungeoner. This may not be the reason, but we ensure to fully loot the chests everytime as there has been as yet no exceptions to this rule.

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thanks, i didn’t know that , i never fully looted them , i should try
if everyone does that , the problem would hopefully solve , but unfortunately some of them don’t know about this , and some of them don’t care , just if i could control other players it would be awesome :smiley:
but i keep try to fully loot the chest for now , until developers fully figure it out and release a patch

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