Anarchy Online Item Assistant Plus

Quite by accident, I found an item that isn’t showing up in AOIA+: Advanced Scent Sensor. I know I have it on a couple of toons across my accounts, but it wouldn’t show up in AOIA+, so I bought one off the GMI to permanently use on a smaller toon. Even after a hard reboot on my computer, that item does not show up. Whether I’m using an inventory search, or viewing the toon inventory, this item doesn’t show up.

But, all in all, this is the most amazing tool! I don’t know what I’d do without it. :heart: :heart: :heart:

I had the same problem but with Thunderous Chimera patterns, which was the bug I mentioned above.

I had some in my backpack, logged out of AO, closed AOIA, opened AOIA, logged back into AO but it just wouldn’t show that I owned any of that pattern.

EDIT: The way to completely start from scratch has been found! (Credit to Starkness in the official AO Discord)

Go to C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Local\Hallucina Software\AOIAPlus (must have show hidden files and folders ticked in Windows settings) and delete ItemAssistant.db (I deleted all files just incase)

Launch AOIA+ and it’ll be like you’re using it for the first time :slight_smile:

EDIT 2: Even after a fresh install and starting from scratch, my AOIA doesn’t detect that my character has patterns for A, C and D Destroyer of Scheol, C & D Devastator of Scheol and C Thunderous Chimera.

I’ll investigate! Cheers for the feedback!

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Edit: Please see next update post for update details.


Sounds cool, thx Dream.

Would it be possible to deactivate inactive Accounts, so that they dont show on the Summary Page and are not searched for items anymore?

I see

:: Anarchy Online Item Assistant+ 2019 Edition :: v1.3.0.6 ::

  • AO Classic game engine High Resolution Fix should now work on all versions of windows (and Linux).
  • Added ability to show level (and AI level) of your characters in the Inventory/Nano Programs tabs.
  • Fixed APF Nano locations to reflect which matrix box (and other locations) they are from.
  • Also fixed certain PB Patterns not showing up in the Pattern Matcher tab (thanks to Slothy for spotting this one!) .
  • Almost forgot, added the ability to Sort Nano Icons on All characters in one go!

I know that would be possible but i wanna keep them in case theres something special on one of them.
In that case i could reactivate those accounts.
But ok maybe its not that easy as i thought to achieve that.

Typo in the version number? It should be no?

Nope, it’s correct :smiley:

Does anyone know a way to get in contact with Dream?
I tried per forum mail month ago but got no answer.

Try on Discord. It’s way more active then here. Discord link is in the AO launcher.

For some reason AOIA+ Looks at a wrong prefs folder for me. Anarchy Online does works for me with my prefs. Say my folder is 12345678(not real) and when i look in AOIA+ is see it looks in abcdefgh(also not real name). Both are in my: AppData\Local\Funcom\Anarchy Online. Where does AOIA+ get its setting from with the first install? Or is there a setting wrong in Anarchy Online. I tried to move/rename the wrong prefs folder and reinstall AOIA+. But is keeps going to the wrong prefs and crash. When both prefs folders are used AOIS+ cant see my backpacks but it sees my alts in the summary, but the inventory inventory cant be used.

@Dream Just bringing it to your attention that AOIA+ has been taken down from Sourceforge

Yes, I had noticed. But thanks for the heads up!

@ Spathilludic it calculates it from the AO install you pointed it to to use. You can also set up for it to use 2 installations; AO Classic and AO New Engine … those can be found in the menu options.

Temporary Home for AOIA+ 2019 (at least until I finish up some of the new updates on it)

Anarchy Online Item Assistant Plus 2019 v1.3.0.6


Thank you Dream for your tools. I tested it with new install of AO on another pc. There it works. The install ao i use on my is just an old copy over from my previous game pc. I will try it with a fresh install.

I just reinstalled ao and the new client and everything is working now. Thanks for the support Dream.

Thanks a lot Dream! :slight_smile:

Aha, I am glad you were aware your 2019 edition was gone from Sourceforge. I had to re-install AO today on one of our 2 pc’s and then couldn’t find AOIA+ 2019 online. Thankfully the other pc still had the download install file from Dec 2019.

Will the new version be on Sourceforge when it is ready?



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I’m looking into it having it’s own website. There is also a new version in the wings, with the ability to create sets of items that you can name for easier browsing (ie buff gear etc). It also will have a UI template system, allowing you to save all key UI positions from a toons set up and then transpose them to other toons; this is handy if you have different sized monitors on different machines but want to share your prefs still, it’ll be a one click update UI for all toons.

Anyway, watch this space for more info…