AncientInk Rp-PvP

The community is a relaxed easy going bunch with full time jobs and lives, so the server is great for the more relaxed bunch that wish to play and enjoy the game.

The RP side of things can be as deep or as light as you wish which also makes it great for newcomers and veterans.

Sever is not going anywhere so you can feel safe that your time is not wasted.

If you feel this is for you or you wish to come check it out please feel free to Join using discord invite.

Admins are active but only get involved when needed, this is a community driven server with no admin overlords.

Players are from UK, Europe, USA, Canada

This is a fairly new server with 20+ members and growing steady so plenty of build locations available.
Server is also not clan heavy.

Server is Based in EU.

We hope to see you there :wink: