Another "pending connection error"

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[Free text]So this is the second time now that I have been unable to ger back into a server because of your unannounced server resets. The thing that has me so mad now is that the reset was earlier than last time. I was going to hope off closer to the normal reset time to avoid the problem you guys can’t seem to fix and then I ger screwed with a sudden reset an hour ahead of usual. I just wanted to say thanks, Funcom. Since I didn’t know I had to just avoid your game for the entire morning, I now get to be denied access to the server with all my hard work for the next 24 hours. I used to defend your game, but I’m starting to side with all the other angry customers.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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This has happened to me too, NecroKnightmare. Sadly, there seems to be no real fix for this. I had to wait a few days (I believe it was 2 or 3 days) to re-join my server. Hopefully, it will be quicker for you. Have hope, this is a new game almost reaching it’s 2 month anniversary. They are working very hard on it. Happy slaving!

Temporary fix that funcom could implement would be a warning text for server resets. And to not reset the servers when people ask (sorry to break it to everyone, but resets that are just randomly done are going to cause way more problems for other people even if they help you).

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Got hit with this for the first time just now after playing pretty much daily since the end of April. Definitely no dlc for me tonight :upside_down_face: