Any fellow Morties or Ricks out there? [PS4 RP, PvP]

Conan Morty here! Any Rick and Morty fans down for some shenanigans? Join the Citadel of Ricks! Moderated, n00b friendly 60 slot RP server with events and active silver/gold marketplace, limited (but very reasonable) building so no laggy eye sores cluttering the map… no spawn blocking or griefing etc., other reasonable rules apply.

Join server New Era RP

If you join The Citadel, R&M themed name encouraged but not required… examples Blacksmith Morty, Pickle Conan, who knows lol.

We have everything we need to begin building The Citadel. PM Krollbar on PS4

Or you could come and join another, more normal tribe I guess… that’d be cool