Any ogs remember dead kow kult

Stompyou, canddy, pockles, milkey, coles, deadx, bongs, burn, thalsadoom. Probably not, was 08 09.

I just remember they disappeared soon after they fixed the x3 bk stacking cause they were trash :popcorn:

Yep remember they were around during the early days and ended up on cimmeria with the tyranny merge and then… Gone. I still have pockles on my steam friends list but I haven’t spoken to him in a long while. Why do you ask?

The old days of Tyranny

No idea what 3 bk stacking is i was just looking for old member lol. Way to hold a 12 year grudge.

Yep, the good old days

I was one of the original members, guardian named stompyou. I was just amazed to see the game still going thought I’d ask.

“way to hold a 12 year grudge” :rofl:
and I remember the guild DKK, just not any specific names

You can probably join with the rest of the OG tyranny players PvEing.

Passiax, Pommier, chancemcgee, occasionally Argurious and Ahrims are all PvE exclusive players now. Basically carnage is a PvE guild now. Draza too! Funny, huh?

Wait what, draza? Lol never thought he would still be playing.