AR grenades self-exploding out of combat

I have noticed a change in how my AR grenades are functioning, that appears to have just started today.

Previously, if I had a grenade loaded, but all my target(s) died before I had a chance to fire it, the grenade would de-load automatically once I came out of combat.

As of today, this does not appear to be happening, and my grenades are blowing up on me out of combat, often before I have a chance to find a new target to launch at.

Now I do have the explosives Expert ability, so I am not taking damage from the grenade itself, but this could still cause problems if any dangerous environmental objects are nearby.

For example, today i attacked an enemy who was near several explosive barrels. I didn’t want to detonate the barrels so i killed the enemy with single target attacks, however my grenade loaded just before the target died. Usually this wouldn’t be a problem as it would simply de-activate; but today the grenade went off on me after the fight had ended, when I was still in range of the barrels and caused me significant damage.

Something appears to have changed with the most recent patch. Could someone please look into this, as we shouldn’t have to worry about grenade explosions after combat has ended; also this makes the Explosives Expert ability pretty much mandatory.


It happened sometimes before the patch too, I dont know if last patch made it happening more often tho.
You can still fire your grenade on the ground even if there is no alive target by using the ground targeting reticle.

Out of that specific example about explosive barrels or similar explosive expert is still a wasted passive slot.

The ground target reticule will only appear for the Incendiary Grenades (and maybe high explosive, I don’t use them). Anima Canister and Essence Grenades require a target.

But I do agree about it happening before occasionally. I noticed it happening more in dungeons and raids than solo content. It must be to do with when the game thinks you’re out of combat, as a similar thing also happens with building fury with Wild Nature when using fist. If you down the last enemy, fury sometimes continues to build for a few seconds more. I’m not sure what criteria the game uses to determine when combat ends, but I assume something must be still counting as in combat.

Oh yes forgot about the healing ones, sorry I am not using them and, btw, a fix would be great ofc

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I don’t think so. As people above me said, it has to do with the game having trouble setting you out of combat. This was already a problem back in TSW in a lot of situations.

You don’t have to worry about them anyway. There’s a built-in protection system in the grenade detonation, which makes the grenade deal no damage to you if you don’t have any potential target within the max possible range of assault rifle, regardless of you being in combat or not.

Don’t exaggerate. :smile:

I’m not so much worried about damaging ME, as i do have Explosives expert. But if I’m in an area with other explosive things, the grenade blast may set them off, and those definitely can hurt me; possibly lethally depending on the area.

I was stating an opinion. I was not aware of any “self protection” system before. If one didn’t want to get hurt, Explosives expert was strongly recommended, if not considered mandatory by some.

Might be the same issue with stuck in combat that causes shotguns to not start reloading after everything is dead. Glares at row of green shells

Admittedly, AR lacks good passives, but even then, Explosives Expert is a waste of a slot.