Armor and weapons stats in crafting benches

Hi there,

Can we PLEASE see the full armor and weapon stats in crafting benches before we actually craft it? Right now players have to search on the wiki to find out what stats a piece of armor has, and for any game there is only a small fraction of players who actually do that kind of research. This system is a nightmare for more casual players. Just being able to see the full stats of gear would be such a massive QOL upgrade. And if not, can you please explain why not? It is such a point of frustration for players because it doesn’t make any sense. Why are we not able to see the stats? This is a survival game, we have to grind resources to craft gear, why are we not able to see the stats of the gear we are crafting? Imagine if we did not have the wiki, we would have to craft every single piece of gear in the entire game to find out what’s what… It just doesnt make any sense at all… And yes I know there are mods that fix this, but come on this should be in the base game. And if this is not something you want to implement, can you please explain why? Maybe I can view it from a different perspective with some clarification, but right now to me and countless others, it just doesnt make any sense.


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