"Assertion Failed" every time game launched...how to stop/fix it?

Every time I log into the game it ALWAYS immediately starts scanning local files and at the 1/4 (first part of the scan) it will ALWAYS give me an “assertion failed” error. I do log in through Steam but since Steam pulls up the AOC launcher, it a moot point. I have removed it from my Steam files & installed the one from the AOC website to directly log into the game. Still get the “assertion failed” error. Run as admin…same error.

Is there a way to stop this scan or just fix/stop the “assertion failed” error from happening every single freakin time? For reference, the image below is what I’m talking about. New account so I can’t upload the image directly. Hopefully it lets the link on postimages show.

Ok so can’t post the link either but if you go to postimg dot cc SLASH L62Wx9M0 SLASH login-error.jpg its there.

If that’s the common launcher error, just hit “attempt to continue” or something like that.

Both that and the ‘there was an error’ after you log out are common glitches in their system and you can ignore both.

Just hit attempt to continue and play away.

Oh I do but its just that every friggin time I launch the game it does this and it does the scan to verify if the files are “correct” but will won’t even start the scan AFTER I’ve hit the “attempt to continue” option. Its just a minor inconvenience that I was hoping had something I could fix to stop it. The game itself runs smoothly for me. There’s very little I would change about the game other thank some default UI stuff but thanks to Strange UI that’s more or less solved lol. The only reason I was posting this was that I figured there was some form of fix or tweak so that it would stop the “error” from happening in the first place.

No fix for this. It happens to everyone and its been this way for a good 2 years or so at this point.

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