(AU/NZ)(OCEANIC) 24/7 Dedicated Server, No Wipes, No Gods!

Hello All. Server is located in Australia/New Zealand.

We have started up a private server at the moment it currently has 30 slots but if it gets big we wish to add more slots.


Settings are all default at the moment except for gods which are disabled. We might tweak the settings based of your feedback. Purge is enabled and we have set pvp and raid times which are pretty reasonable and fair.
We currently have 2 mods, Pickup + Which allows all players to pick up every item instead of dismantling it. And Pippi, Pippi is for a better chat look and for admins to have a better control over the server.

We have a nice friendly community and very active admins also.
We have all the information you need to join in the discord https://discord.gg/bMt7Xk 1

So grab your tribe and head on over i hope to be seeing you :slight_smile: