Bad service version battleye

soo ive just installed the game from steam and the battle eye error instantly kicks out of official servers…wtf? no mods no programs i just have a pure vanilla game, how should i play it? reinstallation didnt help . it was a simillar topic here but it was closed without any answers. looking for any help because i got no ideas

Have you tried to just re-install Battle Eye. ??


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I had the same issue when I installed Conan Exiles on my new PC for the first time.
What @bigguy80 posted was my solution too.

I had to de-install battle eye first, then install it again to make it work properly.
You can do that by clicking on “more” under launch game in the funcom launcher.
Also check there, if battle eye is enabled or disabled.

Hope you can play soon


Welcome to the forums. I hope the problems has been solved thanks to @bigguy80. I have not had this issue myself I just wanted to welcome you mostly. :grin:


Before resorting to reinstalling things, just try restarting.

Sometimes Battle Eye randomly throws an error, and simply shutting the game down and trying again will work. If it keeps being a problem, then you can resort to tossing tables.

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Guys thanks for support, i dunno how to answer here to you all but thanks again. I solved this problem somehow. i tried restarting, reinstalling game and batlleye via Uninstall_BattlEye.bat then checking game folder through steam, but seems like the only thing that worked was deleting all batlleye files from the program files folder. NOT from program files x86 . after that this error disappeared.

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Glad you got it solved.

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