Bans for no reason, This is not an exception but everyday life

Our clan got a ban for a large build, no warning everything deleted. Was on a very quiet server with a population of less than 10. Some very salty players reported us.

Uninstalled now wont waste anymore money on this garbage.

Offricial servers are a shared space, a quiet server is no excuse for treating it as ones personal sandbox, rules still apply, you can call those that reported you salty, but in the end it doesn’t matter if you broke the rules and perhaps ignored friendly warning from fellow players, I also wouldn’t hesitate reporting players that go to far with building, I do try and talk to them first, but quite often they don’t care, that is until they end up in a situation like you :slight_smile:

You may be doing yourself and others a favor, but I hope you in time will learn that the rules are there for a good reason :slight_smile:

i can tell funnier story…
Official PVP (low pop, 1-3 online max)
Our base (small but yes, it was blocking under mountain passage, which are not big deal, you can get other side just from above (or take left\right turn around mountain))
But issue is… no1 even know we have base there, so, we got reported not because the base, but for pillaging decaying base (on pvp server, report for pillaging CARL…)
I dont know what to say even lol…

No warning, it was large but not excessive or covering a huge area or blocking any content. Very puzzling. Probably a clan that got raided were very upset, also probably the same clan that has a larger base than we built. Not worth the time to invest anymore.

There is just no point in even building without knowing what the limit is. If funcom wants to be this way then a cap on building pieces needs to be added to clans. It doesnt take a genius to work this out as a fix but this is an odd greedy company that rewards real cheats.

So, you broke the rules, you know you broke the rules, you suffered the consequence of braking the rules, and blame the reporter and funcom.

Have to ask have you ever been punished for doing anything wrong in your life?


“But we got reported for a complete different reason”

Why do you all, that are well aware you broke the rules, always want to blame everyone but yourself?

Zendesk doesn’t do warnings. Which I feel is wrong. Everyone deserves a warning and explanation. I’d like to say no one learns anything with out an explanation, but I can see people here that would blame the reporter, zendesk, funcom and not learn a thing.

It also doesn’t take a genius to look at the examples and not build that way. But give me a bit of time and I will find copies of those example on the server I’m on.


I know jack about Conan PVP. First time I tried it I got beat to death by players with stone weapons practically the second I spawned in. This is PVP on pretty much every game I’ve tried. So PVE. But there is still conflict or contests on PVE. People are built so close around noob river you have to run between them where they just can’t build closer. Same with the area around sinners, the sink hole, or take your pick of any popular POI.

There is also the competition to see whom can cover the most acreage. And for some builders just one 1/3 of a map square base isn’t enough.

And why do they get away with it on PVE servers? Because no one on PVE wants to be funcom HOA cop. It should be up to funcom to do a proper job of managing there servers. Not to depend on players to do their job.

You see how people carry on here about being punished for knowingly braking the rules, what happens to that person if people on their server finds out they reported a violation and the builder got a time out? They might as well pack it in and leave the server.

Now we have marched up and down this same road so many times now it’s a canal. And NOTHING has changed. Why? It would take effort on funcoms part.

I said it was a large build but it wasnt spamming for no reason nor did it cover a huge amount of grids it was within a reasonable area of temples in the jungle. What is the limit on building? Where is the line drawn? How does anyone know when one block is that one block too many. Its very vague

At the end of the day the big part of this game is building. If theres an issue with people wanting large bases…implement a building cap on pieces. Rather than leaving it as guesswork ghost town. Incompetent.

You lost me right there. I think the entire area needs to be a no build zone.
But you said it was vague so how would you know if it


We’ve suggested limits then people argue that it wont help. I’m suggesting a warning. “Dude you’ve hit 10K foundations. Really”?
Or land claim cubes, like so many other games. Something because what is being done now isn’t working.

Would land claim cubes that have to be in direct contact with the ground, end sky bases :thinking:

I’ve read about exploiters on Siptah. I think one can make a village, here. The difference, here, being the exploiters built a 20+ story base.

If someone has a 21 story tower base, I would like to see it to figure out how they built it. (Somewhere on youtube they have been shone)

If its a game where you can build but the rules dont want too much building then impose a limit then everyone knows where they stand thats a no brainer. Not everyone will known everything inside out.

The guidelines are wishy washy at best.

This game has been a mess since day 1 so its time to move on the devs deleting years of work for random decisions is just amateur.

Anyways I hope you enjoy the game those of you left.

each base breaking the rules, because TOS are joke in the terms of land claim,
why this “vital” areas buildable? too much decoration how so? 10 torches? 100?

The difference is, some people are normal and paying the game to relax, not to mess with other people, but some people probably need to mess with others and seek any reason to be offended…
Why i am sure in this particular case not the base was the reason of reporting?
Because to report it you must find it, and they are not, server was empty, and those who play, never leave their huge laggy bannable alfa clan bases which are blocking many stuff (actual stuff, not empty space like our base)…
And still, me and my friends never report any of them (because it is just ----ing game, relax jesus).
Base was fine 2 month of play, no1 was offended of it, because no1 use that pass anyway.
Wipe was shortly after our raid of decaying base, not before, but after it. And only 1 person on the server theoretically could be upset about our raid, guess who?

WE need more strict and clear TOS, PERIOD. If we arent allowed to build in some places, make it RED. Simple as rock.
I am totally against blocking content (actual one), or foundations (web) spawn. Against abusive land claim, but jesus, when you find good spot, its already abusive for those, who want it.

You have proven my point. Every body and everything is responsible except you.

Go ahead and propose that, see how fast the big guns shoot it down. Been there done that a few times. There are people that do not want hard strict rules. I personalty function better knowing the limits set by the rules.

I think you will find more and more people leaning toward an automated system.

Funcom has always been lazy and incompetent with the rules…“dont build or block resources etc” yet they make places like brim lake buildable zones :rofl:. “Dont build too much…but guess work on how.much is too much”…rather than placing a cap on amount of pieces per clan. Its a lazy way of policing and wastes everyones time who isnt intentionally trying to break rules. The game and company are a joke and more playera stopping playing all the time.

Dang guys, stop with the misinformation. Big builds are not against the ToS. Builds that cause lag issues are, and (as claimed by a few) that can be a small base or a large base, depending on how you use the building pieces and the overuse of placeables.

Stop thinking large builds are illegal. They are not.

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And just how many time outs have you gotten?

So just how credible do you think you opinion of the TOC is?

Point out where in the ToS is says that large builds alone violate the rules.

Ill save you time, it doesnt. Dont spread lies about the ToS. No point in bringing my builds from 2019 into this.

They can and most likely will report you for anything you do on pvp. Unless you are building a 5x5 shack and play the every night noob raid for other clans.

I have friends who got a ban because they did build a raidbase near a clan they raided. Guess what? The clan reported them for “landclaim” during the raid. Another got banned because they had set up maprooms across the map next to oblesiks for people to fast travel. Just simple foundations big enough to hold the maproom. Not blocking anything. This is ridiculous.

This report bs needs to stop.


First of all it is ToC(Terms of Conduct) and not ToS(Terms of Service) which is a different thing, however I guess you mean the ToC :wink:

That said what misinformation are you referring to in your quotes?

While the ToC doesn’t directly say that large builds is illegal, an admin may consider it excessive use and therefore unnecessary landclaim.

Here’s the thing, we don’t know anything about his build that he apparently got a ban for other than what hes says!
Not saying that he is lying, but we can only take his words for it since he doesn’t provide any evidence of his build being what he describes(pictures/videos)

What exactly is a big build?
Ask 20 people and you may get 20 different opinions on it, but in the end it doesn’t matter what we think if an admin think he broke the rules and acted on it with a wipe and a ban.

  • Could the rules be clearer, yes they probably could.
  • Could Funcom change the punishment for cases where it can be a bit unclear, yes absolutely, personally I would love to see a warning system and perhaps giving the player a chance to remove the parts that the admin finds too much.
  • Do some players use the report system to get other players removed, it probably happens once in a while.
  • Do players tell the truth when they go to this forum and complain about an unfair ban, some may be right, but I have also seen a player from a server lie his pants off on the forum.

So back to your question, can a base be too big?
I believe it can be considered too big, otherwise I could easily bend the rules and build a gigantic shoebox with pretty much nothing in it that perhaps filled a map tile or more, and even though it didn’t directly break any of the written rules, most could probably easily see that it was unneeded big, it is all about using common sense and consideration to others when building, there are no written rules of how many building items you can place, nor are there any rules about how many placeables you can put down, but would you really want there to be?

Yep, finally some1 not blaming US, but them, personally i never report any1, so, i am on the bright side of the force =D