Base atrapalhando meu progresso de jogo

Olá família…
Alguém sabe se pode construir base e eliminar totalmente o surgimento de NPC? - YouTube Eu até gravei isso está no servidor 1986 PVP e não consigo mais pegar os lacaios por que tem uma base construída no local onde eu busco os lacaios. Isso pode fazer? Já reportei no site oficial mas se pessoal se manter lá o ADM da funcom deveria olhar essa parte que já está atrapalhando muito o progresso de jogo.

Hello family…
Does anyone know if you can build base and totally eliminate NPC spawning? Base hindering rebirth of exiled conan NPC? - YouTube I even recorded this on the 1986 PVP server and I can’t catch the minions anymore because there’s a base built at the place where I pick the minions. Can this do? I’ve already reported it on the official website but if people keep there the function’s ADM should look at this part that is already hindering the game’s progress a lot.

Obrigado por seu loot Lobo14977 que seja feita a vossa vontade confira CONAN serv 1986 WIPE - YouTube

What progress? a hyena? seriously dude? you are already 60.

i build that base following every single funcom rule, i didn’t mass claimed anything, i am not doing even a fence stack of anything only a small outpost defensive tower.
i cannot built anywhere else cause all good spots are claimed by the big clans, so where should i build? in open field?
if funcom wants to ban for building an small base like that, then official is literally unplayable.
Your cry is honestly shameful. if you want to beat me, do it in game, not cryting in the forums.

Good day.

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