Battle Pass Emotes - missing this season?

So I was looking through the emotes I’ve collected through the Battle Pass. I see all of them from the first 3 seasons: Chicken Dance, Sick, Warm Hands, Flex, Thumbs Up, Thumbs down, Backflip, Watching you, Slow Applause, Fanning, Sulk, Halt, & War Cry.


Where are the Emote’s from this season? I swear I don’t see any of them in the emote wheel.
I’ve already unlocked and claimed everything. Other non-emote rewards are available to me. But I can’t find the following…

#3) Sword Training Emote
#13) None Shall Pass Emote
#21) Flourish Emote
#25) Shoulder Rest Emote
#38) Shield Bash Emote
#49) Spear Training Emote

Is this a bug that has been going on all season, or am I missing something ridiculously obvious?

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You must have the correct weapon in hand to use the emote.



OMG. lol. Why doesn’t it say that anywhere. :sweat_smile:


The same reason Thralls cannot be assigned to these emotes.

That being, no reason that this one has been able to discern.


I was so disappointed when I realized thralls couldn’t use those emotes. And then even more disappointed when I realized they broke zombie emotes in the same update because they technically wield invisible weapons. :frowning:


Dear devs can we have some standing with weapons emotes (like player idle animation) for guard thralls? Its a shame see them standing with bare hands…

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